Monday, July 7, 2008

Liberty & Responsibility Go Hand In Hand

Mullholland in photo (one my favorite humanitarians)

LOL I still get to write way to much as a blog posting. Supersekrit is ..... well, being Supersekrit on Supersekrit duties. So off I go!!!! Shhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet and she will never know!

The 19th Amendment was passed on August 26, 1920 by a mere whisker of votes. I believe it was just one vote that put it over the top. This enfranchised women to cast a vote in any election in any state here in the United States Of America. The fight was lead by the likes of Lucy Burns, Alice Paul, and Inez Mullholland. They fought a Democratic controlled House of Representatives, Senate, and President for this right of self determination and won! It blows my mind that my Great Grandmother who delivered mail on horseback, raised 6 children, paid taxes and ran a farm could not exercise this basic right! That to me is a stunning thing. I am humbled by her sacrifices.

Where are the women in this country known as The National Organization Of Women (NOW) to fight for the rights of all of the children at Stop Child Executions ? Where are the women of NOW for Delara Delrabi? Akram Mahdavi whose life can be bought for sixty thousand US dollars?
Reza Alinejad? Mosleh Zamani? The ones that I have mentioned were minors and many innocent of the crimes they have been accused of. Last but not least by any stretch Malak Ghorbany who has been sentenced to being stoned to death.

The people in the Middle East have such women and men! They are languishing in prisons or have been executed because they believed as Lucy Burns, Inez Mullholland, and Alice Paul. That all have the right to self determination and representation. Mr.
Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani of Yemen and Miss Hanna Abdi of Iran and to many to count from Iran that are now in prison or awaiting their sentencing of punishment as soon as everyone's backs are turned. The penalty in Iran can range from death, being lashed, and jail. The same is true for Yemen and all Islamic countries. These people that I have wrote of believe so passionately in democratic principles and the ideals of self determination that they are now either dead , in jail or awaiting their fate from Shariah courts.

Where are the vaunted women of The National Organization Of Women? Well many are in the streets fighting against a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, or CoastGuardsman that has defended them in their right to protest and protected that right with their very lives over the past seventy years. Have you ladies bothered to thank a soldier today for your freedoms and the privileged lives you are now leading? Some of the members of N.O.W. are babbling of a "glass ceiling" in their business lives while they sip a latte a Starbucks. Grow up ladies. Not a single one of you is worthy of your female ancestors. Not one. Has it escaped your notice that real women in so many countries along with their children have real problems like death, starvation, humiliation, disease, rape, torture, slavery and the experience of real theocratic and fascists governments. You do not care do you?

No man or woman is free until all are. Mr. al-Khaiwani and Miss Hana Abdi know this with crystal clarity. Can the women in the United States Of America do less for others than Mr. al-Khaiwani or Miss Hana Abdi have done for the people of their countries?