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Child Stabs President Bush To Death In A Hamas TV Puppet Show

Frankly, I'm at a loss for words.


Part of excerpt

Child: What can you give me? All I want is one thing. Bring back my father and mother. I don't want anything from you. I don't want anything from you, just bring back my father and mother. I place my trust in Allah. I need to kill you.

Bush: No, my dear. Enough. I will give you anything you want. I also... Enough with that. Come with all your friends to the White House. I will give you food and toys. We will sit in the White House and talk. You will get whatever you need.

Child: You are impure, Bush, so you are not allowed inside the White House.

Bush: What are you saying?! Why am I not allowed into the White House?

Child: Because it has been turned into a great mosque for the nation of Islam. I will kill you just like Mu'az killed Abu Lahab. I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate.

Child stabs Bush repeatedly

Child: Ahhh, I killed him.

Video clip here
Clip transcript here

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

For The Viewing Pleasure Of Our Jihadi Friends.

How you do like this royal ass kicking? You are a bunch of cowards ,stupid, and murderous thugs as well. This will never pay for Matt or all of the other hostages but it is a small start and a taste of our wrath --- believe me we have more for you where this came from. We are not the British and will not coddle or appease you. Enjoy --- I know I am.

Thank you MPJ For allowing me to "lift" this awesome video.

Thank you Vicki. She works tirelessly to help bring our guys home and give us other news about all of the hostages the cowards have kidnapped. On her blog you can find ways to help their families. Not to mention she is a better and kinder person than I am.

Thanks go to the Patriot Guard who always welcome home those that have given their lives for us when they do not even know who we are. The Patriot Guard volunteers will be with Matt and his family. I thank God for them and their care for our Military and the family members of our warriors.

Update has so very kindly agreed to temporarily unblock this important site.
Thank you all for acting in unison to help save this important site and thank AvaHost as well. I think they will need encouragement to do what is right where this site is concerned now and in the future. We will be monitoring their actions as well as any other accounts that they may be hosting that violates IEEAC and supports designated terrorists. Since an American host know as Network Solutions has stooped to the level of hosting just about every known terrorist that exists while refusing the movie Fitna no company should not be looked at for the same ties and punished accordingly. Here is AvaHost Alexa search for Arabic language alone. They even host a children's site for Al-Jazeera


Has had their account suspended. Guess the truth makes the brave men of Iran and Islam go weak at the .... errr knees. We all know they are cowards, bullies, and evil ---- this move just proves it even more.
Please see this link
and for the love of life, freedom , and women , and children sign some petitions! Iran executes children as well as gays and women see this report. Here is a snippet:

U.S. State Department report on Child Execution in Iran
Category: News and Politics

In its annual country report, the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor issued a long report on the status of human rights in Iran. The report also addressed child executions in Iran:

"The government continued to execute minors and juvenile offenders. On September 17, UN Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour called on the government to end the practice of juvenile executions. According to AI, there were more than 71 juvenile offenders on death row in the country at year’s end, and more than 15 have been executed since 2004.

For example, on April 22, authorities executed 20-year-old Syed Mohammad Reza Mousavi in Shiraz for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 16. His family was not notified of the execution and did not see him before it took place. According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), Mousavi was wrongly tried in an adult court instead of the special juvenile court.

On May 22, authorities executed 17-year-old Sa’id Qanbar Zahi in Zahedan, following his televised "confession" of involvement in bombings, carjacking, and murder. HRW reported that his arrest, confession, trial, sentencing, and execution all took place within a few weeks.

Thank You Andrea for giving us this news. SaveDelara was suspended by They operate out of Houston, Texas. Please feel free to let them know how you feel about the fact they removed a humanitarian web site.,

A Womans Place In Islam

Is this what we want for our daughters or our selves? Is this what is good and right for any woman? This is evil and must be destroyed for the good of all women. Please sign some petitions today at
We have a choice lets exercise it.

Jihad In America.

I had hoped to bring you Jihad USA hosted by E.D.Hill but is not ready yet. This is a great series and was started in the 1990s but has gotten very little play. It is very important for Americans to realize we have a problem that no one wants to talk about or even see. I am asking you to start looking and talking. The news does not report the dozens of crimes done in the name of "allah" or the crimes that have been thwarted by law enforcement.

We have to start talking about the fact that we have fellow Americans living here is this country that are actively working toward the death of Americans and America. We high- light two of these people regularly here at the stables. These people that are our neighbors run web sites that encourage the death of Americans and the country we live in. They are evil and harbor murderous thoughts that are transmitted to all that read their blogs. Yes, they are cats paws but the cat behind them is lethal. So, start talking and acting to get these people out of our country in the legal manner that America has been founded upon and is famous through out the free world for. It is called the rule of law. The rule of law is something that organizations like CAIR use against Americans and it is long past time for this to stop and you, everyday Americans can stop this. We have no right to give our future children's birthright away. Speak up America and act!

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We Will Never Submit!

Let me show you how women are treated by pious Muslim men even when they submit to not just hijab but the full horse blanket. Muslim men are a scourge to women and everything they touch. This is how they respect their own "sisters".
We will never submit to the tyranny and human rights abuses of Muslim men or Islam. We will continue our fight for the dignity and freedom of Muslim women and children. We. Will. Never. Submit. Ever.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Reach Out To The Taliban UK Says

Sure, no problem here. Nothing to see....

BBC News
The UK should talk to elements within the Taleban who can be persuaded to change sides, Defence Secretary Des Browne has said in an interview.

Mr Browne said some of those fighting British troops in Afghanistan were driven by "self-interest rather than ideology" and could be won over.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "There's no question we should try to reach them. People have been switched."

But he insisted that there was no basis for any negotiations with al-Qaeda.

This vid seems fitting "Reach Out and Touch Me".

(Updated: LiveLeak Re-Instates)Geert Wilders Fitna The Movie Is Still Online Now! Suck It Up Radical Islamists

Update II, Geert Wilders has edited Fitna for legal reasons. The movie didn't change just some cosmetics of it. Thanks to Howie of MPJ I have the new version!

Update, LiveLeak DID NOT SUBMIT, it is back on! WooHoo. Awesome LiveLeak!

But never fear copies have been made. See below for links


Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.
This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people, from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one.
Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture.
We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high.

h/t My Pet Jawa

Liveleak is determined to not be shut down and this is a screenshot of Liveleak's announcment. Way to go Liveleak!


Go here or here to view. NOTE: More copies being made of new version. You assholes threatening can go to hell!

Copies have been made so you radical islamist are shit out of luck.

UK Releases Terrorists Early Due To Overcrowding

Updated, UK sez were sorry. See end of post.

You just can't make this stuff up. Yassin Nassari will now be free to carry on his jihad. What is UK trying to do, commit suicide?

A radical Muslim cleric jailed for terrorist offenses has been released early under a controversial Government scheme to ease prison overcrowding, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Yassin Nassari, 29, was jailed for three and half years last July for possessing material that would be useful to terrorists.

He was caught trying to smuggle blueprints showing how to build a missile into Britain but was cleared of a more serious charge of possessing articles for terrorist purposes.

A little background on Nassari.
Nassari from Ealing, West London, was stopped at Luton airport in May 2006 after getting off an easyJet flight from Holland with his wife.

Police discovered a mass of jihadi material on a laptop and removable hard drive including blueprints for an Al Qassam 1.5 rocket used by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The files showed detailed measurements and information about the missile components, how to make the propellant and explosive charge and the assembly of the completed rocket.

Also hidden in the files were articles entitled 'Virtues of martyrdom in the path of Allah,’ 'Islamic Ruling on the Permissibility of Self-Sacrifical Operation - Suicide or Martyrdom?’ 'Taking care of the family left behind by the fighter’ and 'Providing for the families of the martyrs.’

Now he is free to continue what he started. At least some aren't happy such as Nick Herbert
The disclosure of his release last night drew fresh criticism of the scheme from the Conservatives, who say it should be scrapped.

Nick Herbert, the shadow justice secretary, said: ''Releasing terrorists early because the Government has failed to provide enough prison places isn’t just incompetent - it’s a "disgrace"

This is more than a "disgrace". Gawd.

For more detailed background on this case see here.

Update: Nassari is the second terrorist released. Abdul Muneem Patel was released from Glen Parva prison on 7 January this year. He was involved in the UK Airline Bomb Plot

The UK is now trying to turn two wrongs into a right. They have stopped releasing terrorist. Terrorist releases prompts u-turn Ya think?

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Israel Posts Clips of Jerusalem Yeshiva Terror Attack On YouTube


The Israeli government recently posted three videos showing images from the terror attack at Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva earlier this month in which eight students were killed.

The three videos were posted under the titles "Stop the Terror, Stop the Bloodshed," "Act NOW: Stop The Bloodshed - Stop the Terror," and "Emergency call, March 7, Jerusalem."

While the person named as poster, AtiyaRachel, was not identified as having any connection to the government, TheMarker has learned that the Prime Minister's Office was actually behind the uploads to the popular video site. This is the first time that a government body has used the site in response to a terror attack.

Warning images contain disturbing scenes. Kudo's to the government to show these.It is about time they expose how brutal these terrorist are.

Emergency Call, March 7, Jerusalem

Act NOW: Stop The Bloodshed - Stop The Terror

Stop The Terror, Stop The Bloodshed

(Update New Required Version)Geert Wilders Fitna the Movie Online Now Part I Added To YouTube(Update Part II Added)

Full Liveleak version here

Note: Geert Wilders Websites are back on line:
Party website

Personal website

New version thanks to Howie of My Pet Jawa!

h/t the Howie and Bluto at My Pet Jawa

Howie also uploaded also to Google, and others are spreading the word

Taliban Screw Themselves

Afghanistan populace is irate after the Taliban demanded cell phone towers be turned off at night. For some it is their only outside contact in case of an emergency.

Now the Taliban realized that after trying to co-ordinate attacks they couldn't communicate with other fighters. Ya think? Bwahahaha

Houston Chronicle

KABUL, Afghanistan
Taliban attacks on telecom towers have prompted cell phone companies to shut down service across southern Afghanistan, angering a quarter million customers who have no other telephones.

Even some Taliban fighters now regret the disruptions and are demanding that service be restored by the companies.

The communication blackout follows a campaign by the Taliban, which said the U.S. and NATO were using the fighters' cell phone signals to track them at night and launch pinpoint attacks.

But the cutoff is proving extremely unpopular among Afghan citizens. Even some Taliban fighters are asking that the towers be switched back on, said Afghanistan's telecommunications minister, A. Sangin.

That dissenting view shows how decisions made by the top-ranking Taliban leadership can have negative consequences for lower-ranking fighters in the field, the minister said.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid hinted in a telephone interview that the group could change its tactics.

"We see that some people are having problems, so we might change the times that the networks are shut down in the coming days," Mujahid said.

Must suck to be the Taliban.

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Attn: YouTube Users SheikhAbuMusab & Poppysmic

This is what greeted YouTube users SheikhAbuMusab and poppysmic when signing into their youtube accounts. Bwahahah sucks to be you!

SheikhAbuMusab had 17 videos and was a repeat offender!
Poppysmic had 326 videos!

Good job Andrea exposing these scum for smackdown. Be sure to click on her image above for more smackdowns.

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Speech by Michelle Obama "Our Fears Make Us Justified In Our Ignorance "That's America"

h/t LGF link thingy

New York Terrorism Fan Exposed...Revolution Muslim

Looks like Fox News has picked up on Jewish convert to Islam Joseph Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab. BWAHAHAHAH

Dr Rusty at My Pet Jawa
New York Terrorism Fan Exposed

An article by Fox News on Yousef al-Khattab, the former Jew turned supporter of the Taliban and al Qaeda in New York:

On any given day, log on to and a host of startling images appear:

— The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;

— Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled "Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead :) ";

— Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;

— The latest speech from Sheikh Abdullah Faisal, an extremist Muslim cleric convicted in the UK and later deported for soliciting the murder of non-Muslims.

Be sure to read it all and check out the link to Fox News story there.

DC Watson: Misunderstanders Of Their "Peaceful Faith"

From last nights Jawa BTR guest Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch
Our friend D. C. Watson updates his master list.

Here is an incomplete list of Muslims in the United States who have been arrested and/or convicted for either planning or acting out their "jihad" against unsuspecting, innocent men, women and children. Will the Muslim organizations in America ever stand up for once and address the facts, or will they continue trying to mask what's really going on within their own community by accusing Americans of practicing the biases and double standards that they themselves practice in accordance with their own beliefs?

Step right up, place your bets.

If my count is right there are 128 on the list!

Be sure and check it out here

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Obama's Church's Newsletter: Israel Making Ethnic Bombs

I guess the damage control at Trinity United Church missed this article on Rev Wrights "Pastor Page".

From Sweetness and Light via Aaron Klein at WND
Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church published an open letter from a Palestinian activist that labels Israel an "apartheid" regime and claims the Jewish state worked on an "ethnic bomb" that kills "blacks and Arabs".

"The piece is titled "An open letter to Oprah," referring to talk show giant Oprah Winfrey, who last year accepted an invitation to visit Israel offered to her by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. Winfrey had been a member of Obama's church but reportedly departed in 1986.

It is available at Trinity's website here.(PDF)

This is just a small snip to give you some idea what was in the article.
Dear Oprah, I do understand the enormous pressure you are subjected to. But I am encouraged by your speech to Howard University graduates. “My integrity is not for sale.… Do not be a slave to any form of selling out”, you remarked.

When you return,[from Israel] may God of the Universe grant you the courage to tell the world of what you actually witnessed. Judging from the terrible attacks and insults former President Jimmy Carter has recently experienced for his book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, I do not claim that the task is easy. However, it would be an unforgivable crime for those who have suffered from slavery and are still suffering from discrimination, to ignore the suffering of others.

With Peace and Love,

Ali Baghdadi

It was originally published in the Palestinian Times.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive".
Sir Walter Scott

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Good News! Islam Set To Top UK Religion

First, a moment of silence for those of you in the United Kingdom.

Moment over, now imagine "The United Kingdom of Islam". Dhimmitude will take you there. The U.S. certainly isn't immune from this as it is happening quite frequently. One example is Network Solutions suspending Geert Wilders because of the movie "Fitna". At the time they were hosting the terrorist group Hizbollah.

Network Solutions has joined the growing group of dhimmi's helping to spread
"political Islam" through "peaceful" means of course.

Daily Star
MUSLIMS are becoming the UK’s biggest religious group.

Figures show that Islam will have the most active followers if current trends continue.

The number of Roman Catholic worshippers at Sunday Mass will fall to 679,000 by 2020, while 683,000 Muslims will be praying in mosques on Fridays.

The statistics from Christian Research also suggested that over the same period the total of practising Muslims would overtake Church of England members going to Sunday services.

And if the Church does not reverse its historical decline, by the middle of the century there will be more active Muslims than the total number of Christians who regularly attend Sunday services across the whole country. The projections, which are based on Government and academic sources, were revealed after teachers’ leaders said state schools should allow children to study the Koran and other religious texts.

But a telephone poll in yesterday’s Daily Star showed readers disagreed with the National Union of Teachers’ proposals. We asked “Should all kids learn the Koran?’ and 95% of you said: “No.”

Ah, there is some hope if 95% of you said no to that proposal. Remember "Fitna" and be wary of the other 5%.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cartoon takes On AlQaeda

According to the article the comic strip was launched in 2004 by a German security agency. Officials hope to combat the appeal for militant Islamism. The first launch of the strip dealt with zenophobia and racism.

A second adventure was launched in October of last year in hopes of combating
radical extremism. "Andi" is the main character in the comic strip. This adventure includes his girlfriend "Ayshe" and her brother who comes under the influence of a radical friend and a Islamic hate preacher.

According to the article the cartoon strip has been "well received" due to the fact
they were careful not to paint a certain "picture" of Islam. A Muslim group was a little upset they weren't told before hand and commented they could have made the strip "better". Also saying the radical imam was "a little over done".

Reuters LONDON
As European authorities grope for ways of combating the appeal of militant IsThe comic -- printed in 100,000 copies and distributed to every secondary school in Germany's most populous state -- aims to show young people the difference between peaceful mainstream Islam and the violent, intolerant version peddled by militants.[...]

The cartoon, featuring boldly drawn Manga-style figures, is designed to be used in citizenship and religion lessons for schoolchildren aged 12 to 16.

"We have learned from our opponents. This is exactly the age at which the Islamists are trying, through Koranic schools and other means, to fill young people with other values," Moeller told Reuters.


The unusual initiative is one example of how countries around the world are searching for new ways to prevent young people being drawn into Islamist violence.

Many security analysts speak of the need to counter the "narrative" of al Qaeda -- the message that the West is waging war on Islam in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and that young Muslims must fight back, including if necessary by sacrificing themselves as 'martyrs'.

To some youngsters, experts say, al Qaeda offers a sense of identity, belonging and justice -- not to mention adventure and an aura of 'coolness'. The question is how to compete with that allure[...]

The approach of the German cartoon strip -- by using a medium that grabs children's imagination, seeks to get its message across more effectively.
If you're serious about getting through to young people, you have to choose a style that they'll take in their hands and accept, that's how the comic came about," said Thomas Grumke, the NRW official who thought up the original Andi idea.

This is a good idea as long as Muslim parents or guardians allow the children to read it. The boyfriend thing might be a problem. The article did say copies had been distributed to some mosques.

The U.S., Japan, Denmark and Austria have been the only countries so far to take a interest in this.

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Canadian Police Hunt For Fraud Religious Healers

Apparently people have been duped into so-called healing and then told through a bizarre ritual with eggs that they had won the lottery. The article caught my eye because of the name of one of the suspects Latafat Ali Khan aka Samir Ali or Shair Ali Khan. Inshallahshaheed aka Samir Khan came to mind. They aren't one in the same person, just thought I would mention it in passing.


Investigators from the Peel Regional Police Fraud Bureau want to alert the public about two male suspects who have been fraudulently representing themselves as religious healers amongst the Indo-Canadian community. Peel Regional Police have issued a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant for Mohammed Umar Ashrafi aka Mohammed Roshan Zameer, 43, of India, and Latafat Ali Khan aka Samir Ali or Shair Ali Khan, 36, of India for one count of Defraud the Public.

It is believed that the suspect used advertisements and radio show appearances to promote anyone with family, health and financial problems to contact him and he would pray to solve their problems. The service was offered free of charge and listeners were provided with phone numbers to contact the suspect, “Brother Roshan”.

Apparently on the victims first visit they were given healing session and told their problems were caused by a curse. They were told to return again in a few days so they could be prayed for again. Upon returning the second time they were told they had won the lottery and hadn't claimed their prize. The rest is so bizarre.
The suspect again prays and asks the victim to return in a few days with a dozen eggs with strict instructions to keep the eggs hidden and not tell anyone.

When the victims return the eggs are given to the suspect and he writes the names of their family members on each. The eggs are placed into a covered pot of water and they are boiled. The eggs are removed and each is broken open. When the suspect gets the egg with the victim’s name it is broken open.

Located inside the egg is a Lotto 649 ticket with their name and a message that they will win the lottery. But, in order for the victim to win the lottery they must provide money for the suspect to buy very expensive “prayer materials” from India.

The victims advise that they are required to bring the eggs to the suspect and the same ceremony takes place. When the eggs are broken on these further visits, they are given the lotto numbers, the date of the lottery win and the date to buy the ticket.

All of the victims were told that they will win the lottery on the December 29th, 2007. On the December 28th, 2007, several victims attended the suspect’s address. The house was vacant and the suspect was gone. At this time the victim’s learned that they had all been promised the same thing and been victimized.

The total amount defrauded was $l.2 million dollars!

Lesson learned, beware of egg peddling false prophets like Obama(thanks Good Lt.) LOL

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ATTT YouTube Terrorist Propagandist

Basheq007 had 32 videos 2 of which were sniper.
sssrrr82 had 2. He/she was just getting started BWAHAHA so long suckers!

Visit Andrea's sister site "Stop Internet Terrorists" for juba type videos for smackdown. For regular nasty videos click on the image above.

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Video Barrack Obama "Personal Jesus"
Plus Darthodious "YouTube Bubble" Reverend Wright Debacle

By Obama Messiah blogspot

The following was rejected by Youtube. Jihadi videos are welcome at YouTube. The images in this video WERE TAKEN from prior and current jihadi videos at YouTube.

Why do I have this after Obama's video you ask. Well Obama's Reverend Wright voice is used in it...k?

Be sure and read about this at My Pet Jawa

Younger More Radical Leadership For Taliban

Apparently the Telegraph met with two mid level Taliban commanders in the provincial capital Lashkargar, Afghanistan. One in his late twenties and the other an older seasoned fighter. Both claimed the leadership has become less clear.

In a week spent in Helmand province, The Daily Telegraph has found widespread evidence that special forces operations are degrading the Taliban's leadership and its ability to co-ordinate operations.

But there are also indications of increasing radicalisation within the Taliban as more extreme fighters, many of them al-Qa'eda-linked foreign militants, fill the gaps left when experienced Taliban leaders are killed[...]

Using local intermediaries, the Telegraph was able to meet two mid-level Taliban commanders. "There are a lot of small commanders now," said one, a veteran of several years of fighting but still in his 20s. He said that changes had come since the death of Mullah Dadullah, the high-profile overall commander in southern Afghanistan who was killed by the Special Boat Service last May.

"Now, after Dadullah's death, we have a motto that everyone has become a Dadullah," he added, speaking softly with the Arabic-accented speech characteristic of Taliban fighters trained in Pakistani madrassahs (religious seminaries).

The other Taliban commander, who we met separately, was older. He said Taliban commanders were wary of becoming "a big name" as it made them a target.

Western military sources report that Taliban attacks have become steadily less co-ordinated in recent months.

"The Taliban have lost so many commanders, but it is not like losing a British general with 30 years' experience," said Hajji Mohammad Anwar, of the provincial council of Helmand. "Anyone who just comes from the madrassahs, tomorrow they are a big commander."

The older commander continued to speak of how local citizens complain of hard line views of the Taliban. Cutting off hands for robbing was one he mentioned. Apparently he failed to mention cutting off heads, arms and legs in front of the local population to deter them from working with the coalition.
As seen with al-Qa'eda in Iraq, Islamist terror groups have a history of progressively alienating local support through radicalisation. "The new Taliban are really emotional. They are very impulsive. They are war-addicted," said the older commander.

Interesting that the Telegraph is able to meet with these commanders.

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Taliban Training Children To Fight

Taliban child abuse at its finest.

h/t Mrs. Abe Froman in comments at Jawa from this post. "Younger More Radical Leadership for the Taliban"

Pakistan: 73 Different Muslim Sects Issue Fatwa Against Taliban

I had seen several rumors about this yesterday and today found the article. If true this could be a very good thing. Iraqi's saw how alQaeda brutally slaughters their own people and started to turn against them because of it.

It should be noted that Peshawar is the capital of the North-West Frontier Province and the administrative centre for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. See Wiki

The Nation

The alleged militant group familiarly known as “Taliban” was declared “out of Islam” by 73 different sects of Muslims through an edict (Fatwa) circulated in parts of the narrow tribal strip of Darra Adamkhel.

The edict in Urdu language was circulated on behalf of Mufti Zainul Aabideen on Friday night. The one page edict focuses on Talibans’s terrorists’ acts in the area, particularly slaughtering of human beings and suicide attacks.

The edict against the Taliban terror is considered first-ever effort on the part of any religious figure in the last five years. Earlier, the late Maulana Hassan Jan publicly denounced Taliban acts, but he was mysteriously assassinated in retaliation. After the killing of late Maulana Hassan Jan, a large number of Ulema and religious scholars remained reluctant to say anything openly against the Taliban.

It is for the first time that a religious scholar declared “Taliban” as being “out of Islam.” The edict said that all the acts of Taliban are against the basic norms of Islam and humanity. “Even the Taliban leaders are considering themselves and their directives as superior to true Islamic principles and directives as ordained by Almighty Allah,” the edict said.

Must suck to be the Taliban right now. Using children to fight and now this. BWAHAHAHA

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Reflections

As we reflect on this blessed day remember those who have less than us. There are those who have no food, shelter and little clothing. Others are living in war zones and hope just to make it through the day. Some are/were unable to attend Easter Services in the church of their choice. Unlike us they have no freedom to worship as they choose.

Let us not forget our soldiers who are fighting for our and others freedom. Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Remember the soldiers families as they also give their all to freedom. Remember why we fight! Remember 9-11.

Remember the hostages that Islamic terrorists are holding. Remember the hostages families who are suffering not knowing the fate of their loved ones.

Remember Jesus, who was without sin, died for the sinners so that their sins would be cleansed. Remember his resurrection on this day. Remember Jesus is not responsible for all the ills of this world. Man is.

Please see Vinnie's post at My Pet Jawa "Easter" it is awesome. Happy Easter everyone!

Pope Benedict XVI Babtizes Prominent Italian Muslin at Easter Vigil Service

I believe this was done to show muslims that all peoples should have the choice to worship how they so choose. I suppose he is hoping to bridge the gap between Islam and other religions.

Unfortunately as long as Islam labels those who are not Islamist as so-called nonbelievers and kafir I don't see how this will make a difference. The converted Muslim will be labeled as an apostate which carries the sentence of death.


Italy's most prominent Muslim commentator, a journalist with iconoclastic views such as support for Israel, converted to Roman Catholicism Saturday when the pope baptized him at an Easter service.

As a choir sang, Pope Benedict XVI poured holy water over Magdi Allam's head and said a brief prayer in Latin.

"We no longer stand alongside or in opposition to one another," Benedict said in a homily reflecting on the meaning of baptism. "Thus faith is a force for peace and reconciliation in the world: distances between people are overcome, in the Lord we have become close."

Vatican television zoomed in on Allam, who sat in the front row of the basilica along with six other candidates for baptism.

An Egyptian-born, non-practicing Muslim who is married to a Catholic, Allam often writes on Muslim and Arab affairs and has infuriated some Muslims with his criticism of extremism and support for the Jewish state.

The deputy editor of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, Allam, 55, told the Il Giornale newspaper in a December interview that his criticism of Palestinian suicide bombing generated threats on his life in 2003, prompting the Italian government to provide him with a sizable security detail.

Mr Allam apparently has had death threats from the terrorist group Hamas:
Allam also explained his decision to entitle a recent book "Viva Israel" or "Long Live Israel," saying he wrote it after he received death threats from Hamas.

"Having been condemned to death, I have reflected a long time on the value of life. And I discovered that behind the origin of the ideology of hatred, violence and death is the discrimination against Israel. Everyone has the right to exist except for the Jewish state and its inhabitants," he said. "Today, Israel is the paradigm of the right to life."

In 2006, Allam was a co-winner, with three other journalists, of the $1 million Dan David prize, named for an Israeli entrepreneur. Allam was cited for "his ceaseless work in fostering understanding and tolerance between cultures."

This was a very brave thing to do and I hope Magdi Allam stays safe. He will certainly need added protection with the probable Muslim "outrage" that will ensue.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

ATTN: YouTube User NargOnline


This was a Jawa request and thanks to Andrea this scum is gone. His vids were the awful Juba the Baghdad Sniper. Jawa & others participation in YouTube Smackdown heeds results.

NargOnline was #7 suspended this month and at least five suspended this week.

Visit Andrea's sister site "Stop Internet Terrorists" for more juba type videos for smackdown. For regular nasty videos click on the image above.

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Pakistan Troops Shut Down 3 Illegal FM Radio Stations

Good on them. The more propaganda is silenced less will be radicalized. With re-publishing of Mohammed cartoons being an issue right now in Pakistan there inevitably will be some who will embrace radical Islam.


PESHAWAR, Pakistan
Pakistani troops shut down three FM radio stations Friday and arrested eight employees after the stations aired a speech by a pro-Taliban cleric, the military said.

Weapons, ammunition, audio cassettes and "provocative literature" were seized, and troops dismantled the stations' transmission equipment, the military said in a statement.

Pakistan's security forces have been battling Fazlullah's supporters in Swat for months as part of its anti-terrorism campaign against supporters of the Taliban and al-Qaida.

A day earlier pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Fazlullah, nicknamed "Radio Mullah", speech was aired on the stations. Fazlullah is trying to enforce Taliban style Islam in Pakistan.

The Taliban and the followers of Maulana Fazlullah have been responsible for numerous kidnapping's and beheading's. In October of last year they kidnapped and beheaded 13 civilians and security officers in front of local residents. They paraded the bodies and severed heads among the residents to scare them.

Jawa readers will also remember the shocking Taliban video of a 12 yr. old boy's beheading of a hostage. That video is seered in my memory.


Most Shocking Video Ever: 12 Yr. Old Boy Beheads Man (Uncensored Version)

Pakistani Police Officers Kidnapped, Beheaded

Also Bill Raggio's "Swat joins Talibanistan" for comprehensive background on Fazlullah.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Anger Over AlQaeda Terrorists Jail Switch

Nothing like giving into demands of jailed alQaeda terrorists. Lets make it easier for them to radicalize more bro's. They were having much luck with the white population. Gawd, how idiotic. Regular Jawa readers will recognize these names. Some background on them is at bottom of post.

Mirror UK
Two al-Qaeda terrorists have been moved from their jail after one complained it was "99 per cent white".

Dirty bomb plotter Dhiren Barot, 35, and Bluewater conspirator Omar Khyam, 26, both whined about their treatment at Frankland prison, Co Durham. Now prison bosses stand accused of giving in to their demands.

Government security adviser and Tory MP Patrick Mercer raged: "I think we have to remember who's in charge. These people have been convicted of hideous crimes. It's not up to them to dictate how they serve their sentence."[...]

Barot has now returned to Belmarsh jail, in South East London, which he was removed from nine months ago after radicalising other inmates. There, he was reunited with hate preacher Abu Hamza, 49, and July 21 ringleader Muktar Said Ibrahim, 29.

One insider said: "He was taken out because of his influence over some Muslims. Now he's back mixing with them again. Because of his notoriety he wields huge clout over other prisoners, some of whom are on remand and could go free He's a card-carrying al-Qaeda plotter. Nothing would make him happier than seeing somebody he encouraged carry out one of his own plans."

Dhiren Barot was Hindu and later converted to Islam. He wrote the chilling "jihad text", The Army of Madinah in Kashmir. Barot was radicalised by "Hook" Hamza. He was a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden who he met in 2004. The Islamic zealot, of Brent, North London, plotted to build a radioactive bomb, hijack tankers and blow up New York Stock Exchange.


Alqaeda's NY Wishlist
Three terrorist indicted
Inform on Hamza get screwed
Hamza has one more appeal..
Hamza having hard time..
Omar Khyam was converted by fanatical cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed at meetings near his home in Crawley, West Sussex. He plotted to bomb Bluewater shopping centre, Kent, after travelling to Pakistan and meeting Taliban chiefs in Afghanistan


Omar Khyam life
*Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed archives

*You will run across a couple names in the archives such as Jewish convert to Islam Joey Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab and Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed. The following post by Rusty regarding these two I will link directly. It helps connect the dots so to speak. What you say? Connect what dots? heh

An American Alqaeda Devotee in New York

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

(*Sticky)For Daily Updates On Brianna Zunino Denison's Case


3/06 Special AMW & RPD Video added
3/02 AMW video link added
3/21 Updated description of Brianna's killer

For daily updates on Brianna Dennison's case please visit Reno Gazette Journal's special online section. It was started at beginning of abduction of Brianna. Links of every update are in chronological order.

It is updated daily with important information that all are seeking such as memorial, vigil, and other happenings in the community to honor Brianna.

There are also links to photo's of the composite drawing, (Updated 3/21)detailed description of suspect, suspects vehicle and contents inside plus location of dome light, evidence seized in prior rape case, picture of pink panther thongs found at crime scene, map of rapes/and now murder area. etc.

Brianna Denison Special Daily Updates

Reno Police Dept: Brianna Denison Investigation

Brianna's Case to be Featured on America's Most Wanted 3/01/08

Video: Bri's Memorial

Santa Barbara City College remembers Brianna

Police Flier PDF

Any, any information anyone has to give to the police, your identity will be kept private. The numbers are on the right side column.

We continue to keep Brianna, her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers..

Hamas Terror Manifesto Published By Obama's Church


"Compares charter calling for murder of Jews to Declaration of Independence"

Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group's official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America's Declaration of Independence.

The Hamas piece was published on the "Pastor's Page" of the Trinity United Church of Christ newsletter reserved for Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., whose anti-American, anti-Israel remarks landed Obama in hot water, prompting the presidential candidate to deliver a major race speech earlier this week.[...]

In his July 22, 2007, church bulletin, Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the newsletter as a "deputy of the political bureau of Hamas." A photo image of the newsletter was captured and posted today by the business blog BizzyBlog. The Hamas piece was first published by the Los Angeles Times, garnering the newspaper much criticism.

According to senior Israeli security officials, Marzook, who resides in Syria alongside Hamas chieftain Khaled Meshaal, is considered the "brains" behind Hamas, designing much of the terror group's policies and ideology. Israel possesses what it says is a large volume of specific evidence that Marzook has been directly involved in calling for or planning scores of Hamas terrorist offensives, including deadly suicide bombings. He was also accused of attempting to set up a Hamas network in the U.S.

Marzook's original piece was titled, "Hamas' stand" but was re-titled "A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle" by Obama's church newsletter.[emphasis mine] The newsletter also referred to Hamas as the "Islamic Resistance Movement," and added in its introduction that Marzook was addressing Hamas' goals for "all of Palestine."

Apparently neither the Trinity Church or Obama's campaign responded when World Net Daily tried to contact them requesting a comment on this issue.

Be sure to read the rest.

Related Obama & the Israeli - Palestinian conflict

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We're Not Gonna Take It !!

This is the deal and I have been angry about it for days. My friend that makes such great videos for Save has been suspended from You Tube because her videos that highlight the plight of women and children in Islam has incurred the wrath of the You Tube "Flying Flagging Muslim Monkey Brigade" BettyPumpkin has taken her place to continue in the grand humane mission that Dee started. Now, she is a target of Muslim outrage. and is being flagged unmercifully. It takes a concerted effort to get You Tube to remove actual terrorist videos and even videos of hostages being beheaded. Please go watch her videos and give her all fives. The hores will thank you.
PS: While your at it please sign some petitions at Save Delara and see if we can't get some women and children off of death row in Iran!

Obama Needs To Heed Pastor Mannings Word

Pastor Manning definitely doesn't mince words when it comes to Obama. Wow.

h/t LGF link thingy.

You have been here for 500 years and haven't done nothing. In two years Mexicans will be signing your paychecks. You're pathetic

Happy Birthday Mohammed



h/t Bluto

Bluto said this song is by Keni Thomas, who went down the rope with Chalk III in Mogadishu on October 3, 1993.

God Bless our soldiers and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Islamic "Phone Marriage" Rejected By British Judges

The family of an autisitc man arranged the phone marriage so as to be sure he would be taken care of after they die. I don't buy that but maybe I am just cynical when it comes to stuff like this. Pushing Sharia to void English law is down right Islamic. I'm glad the judges ruled this way. England needs more like them.

Three senior appeal judges have refused to recognise an “over the telephone” Muslim marriage between an autistic British man and a woman in Bangladesh — even though the union is valid according to sharia or Islamic law.

The 26-year-old man, domiciled in England and identified only as IC, does not function above the level of a three-year-old and is said to be highly suggestible and vulnerable.

His parents, originating from Bangladesh but resident in England for many years, arranged for him to be married by telephone link to a bride chosen by them in Bangladesh with a view to his new wife, referred to as NK, obtaining a visa and joining him in this country.

The marriage was valid under sharia and the law of Bangladesh and, according to Islamic law, had taken place in Bangladesh Lawyers for the parents argued that it should therefore be recognised in English law.

It looks like to me someone wanted a visa to enjoy the plentiful subsidies given to them in Britain. Also the satisfaction of knowing Islamic law over rode English law. Scheme didn't work. BWAHAHAH

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Former Canadian NHLers Play Canadian Troops in Kandahar

I would do a h/t on this but it comes from a far lefist. His headline "NHL The New Taliban?" perked my curiosity and is as far as I will go for a h/t. This is a nice story and to put it down that way disgusts me.

CTV Canada

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan
The score indicated a defeat for Canadian soldiers, but their sweaty smiles said otherwise.

Hundreds of spectators turned out today to watch Canadian troops grapple with a team of visiting former NHLers in spirited game of ball hockey at Kandahar Airfield.

With the Stanley Cup on display, Team Canada routed the soldiers 9 to 2, but there were no long faces when it was over as the two teams exchanged back-slaps and autographs.

Good on Team Canada for doing this.

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Aussie Crack Heads Listen Up..You Are Funding The Taliban

Unfortunately Australia isn't the only place. "Get high and kill a GI" should be the crack heads damn song.

Sydney Herald

"Taliban's lifeblood, in mail from Kabul".
Brown heroin from Afghanistan is starting to fill a drug void on Sydney streets, write Jordan Baker and Ash Sweeting.

IN an Aladdin's Cave of confiscated narcotics in Kabul, among hollow samurai swords, car parts and fake almonds stuffed with drugs, lie two envelopes. Both had been bound for Sydney.

Each contained a marketable quantity - 10 grams - of brown heroin, a colour that distinguishes west Asian production, and a size that reflects, say drug experts, a growing trend towards importing small amounts of heroin to avoid detection.

What the people who intended to pick those packages up from newsagency postboxes in Leichhardt and Westmead might not have appreciated is that by ordering Afghan heroin, they were financing the Taliban's battle against Australian forces.

Heroin production in Afghanistan is booming as the Taliban raises money to pay for its insurgency, and there are fears the heroin is making its way to Sydney, filling the void created when Asian production fell and the heroin drought began almost a decade ago.

Afghan police will soon burn the tonne of heroin, tonne of opiates and five tonnes of hash amassed in the Kabul drug storehouse. The Herald understands an Afghan man has been arrested over the Sydney-bound envelopes.

Asian production falls and Afghan rises, how convenient.

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Hamas "Men" Have "Work" Accident And Splode

Hamas blames IDF but wont allow photographers or TV cameramen near. Since when does Hamas not want to do a photo-op?

Two Hamas men were killed Thursday in an explosion at a Hamas training base in the central Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said. More

Must suck to splode early when working with bomb making material. LOL Just to be fair to Hamas, if this wasn't a "work" accident then good job IDF!

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Brooklyn: Israeli heard Allah Akbar When Attacked

25-year-old Israeli rabbinical assistant was assaulted by a group of Arab teenagers screaming "Allah akbar" in Brooklyn on Tuesday evening.

Uria Ohana, originally from Kfar Chabad, entered a subway station in the affluent Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn Tuesday evening, on his way to a lecture in Manhattan, when he noticed a group of Arab teenagers congregated on a bench in the station.

Ohana did not exchange words or make eye contact with the group, but proceeded upstairs to his train. On his way, he felt someone grab his kippa from his head and then heard laughter. Ohana decided to chase the boys to retrieve his kippa.

The 18-year-old boy who grabbed the kippa left the subway station and ran into the street, where he was hit by a car, breaking his leg. While Ohana chased the boy, the other teenagers began chasing him, screaming "Allah akbar."

"They screamed at me, 'Did you see what happened to him because of you?'" said Ohana, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical assistant who works in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Two of the Arab boys then started kicking and punching Ohana in the face

Apparently those two "yutes" got away and the one injured was treated and then arrested. Ohana said one police officer just brushed it off as ""just a couple of teenagers not knowing what allah akbar means".

Complacency kills.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anti-War Crowd in D.C. For 5th Anniversary of Iraq War

Pictures and more videos of the loonies at This Aint Hell

Michelle Malkin has a take on this

h/t LGF

New: Dead Guy Osama Bin Laden Video 3/19/08

I wonder who was his stand in this time?

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"The Truth About Mohammed" Infuriates Moslems

Hmmm, is that why Jewish convert to Islam Yousef al-Khattab or Joey for short blowing his top?

Robert Spencer's book "The Truth about Mohammed" has been out now for about sixteen months. When Hamas learned that free copies of the book would be distributed by the weekly "Human Events" newspaper they became enraged.

Hamas must fear that some of the followers of Islam might read it. Hey, free is free so why not?

Arutz Sheva Israel
The site reports that a right-wing U.S. newspaper, Human Events, plans to distribute free copies of a book by Robert Spencer, entitled The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion.

The Arab site's report, replete with innuendoes implying that the book is anti-Muslim, quotes British writer Karen Armstrong as stating that the book is "written in hatred," contains "basic and bad mistakes of fact," and that the author "deliberately manipulates the evidence."

The Hamas website responded with fury to the news of the book's dissemination, strongly attacking what it calls the "campaign by Western extremists against the religion of Islam and values that are sacred to Moslems."

The Hamas site states that the dissemination of Spencer's work is "another in a series of actions designed to distort the image of Islam in the public eye. This follows the re-publication of the Muhammad caricatures in Denmark and the intention of a Dutch Parliament Member to air a movie against Islam."

Spencer Rebuts

Spencer himself responded to the latest report with cynicism, writing, "Al-Arabiya discovers a sixteen-month-old promotion for my book The Truth About Muhammad, and the spittle starts flying. As for the [sub-]headline of their piece [which reads: "Book is said to contain lies and hate"], I challenge anyone at Al-Arabiya, or anyone anywhere, to substantiate a single lie or hateful statement within the book."

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Obama's Defense Plan Part II

It was previously posted last month at Jawa.

In Obama's speech, given not far from North Carolina's Fort Bragg military base, he tells military families & local officials that the "U.S. less safe because of the Iraq war"

It is a long anti-war speech and some paragraph's stuck out to me.
So when I am Commander-in-Chief, I will set a new goal on Day One: I will end this war. Not because politics compels it. Not because our troops cannot bear the burden– as heavy as it is. But because it is the right thing to do for our national security, and it will ultimately make us safer.
He didn't say immediate pull out as he has hinted in prior speeches. He goes on to give his "strategy" which appears no different than what we are doing now but for the exception of Iran. He thinks diplomatic talks will lead Iran in the right direction. Sure it will.

In the video above he gives his subtle plans for dis-arming the military. Now he wants to "enhance" it.
What I have talked about today is a new strategy, a new set of priorities for pursuing our interests in the 21st century. And as President, I will provide the tools required to implement this strategy.

That starts with enhancing the finest military in the history of the world. As Commander in Chief, I will begin by giving a military overstretched by Iraq the support it needs. It is time to reduce the strain on our troops by completing the effort to increase our ground forces by 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines, while ensuring the quality of our troops. In an age marked by technology, it is the people of our military – our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen – who bear the responsibility for complex missions.

That is why we need to ensure adequate training and time home between deployments. That is why we need to expand our Special Forces. And that is why we must increase investments in capabilities like civil affairs and training foreign militaries.[...]

In addition, I will invest in our civilian capacity to operate alongside our troops in post-conflict zones and on humanitarian and stabilization missions. Instead of shuttering consulates in tough corners of the world, it’s time to grow our Foreign Service and to expand USAID.

Instead of giving up on the determination of young people to serve, it’s time to double the size of our Peace Corps. Instead of letting people learn about America from enemy propaganda, it’s time to recruit, train, and send out into the world an America’s Voice Corps.
So instead of joining the military does he mean new recruits to join the Peace Corp? Peace, love, and harmony the leftist way. Geesh

"Instead on people learning about America from enemy propaganda". I say some of the propaganda comes from within America from people within Obama's circle of friends.


U.S. Company Hosting Known Terrorist Organization

Update on Islamic Terrorist's Behead 3 Somalian soldiers Update They have a US hosted website

VOA News
The United States government has classified al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group based in Somalia, as a terrorist organization.

This comes after the group reportedly committed various acts of terrorism, including beheading three government soldiers during an ambush on a checkpoint outside the capital, Mogadishu and praising Osama Bin Laden in the process. The militant group recently claimed responsibility for a series of bombings and attacks on Somali government and Ethiopian soldiers.

See Executive Order 13224 at U.S.Department of State or PDF version for reference.

This should help shut down their website(see below) as previously the provider told Jawa reader StarCMC;
Please contact our legal department ( in regards to this matter. Currently this site/organization cannot be proven by the abuse department to be "Persons Who Commit, Threaten To Commit, or Support Terrorism", and as such we can take no action based on freedom of speech rights. If a court or other legal entity determines this site to fall under the restrictions of Executive Order 13224 (see above links), our legal department will receive the request and the site will be shut down.
Previous update by Rusty: Good news, the Shabab have a website...and it's hosted in the USA.

The following statement should be included in any letters of complaint to al-Shabab's service providers.

"Providing business services, even free ones, to al-Shabaab violates
the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) in the US. Each IEEPA violation of carries a fine of up to $250,000." =
Vancouver, Washington, USA
Abuse: (thanks StarCMC)
On-line report form

If you like you could contact Cimli Kataaib and tell him/her what you think about beheading.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caption Fatwa's at Jawa

There appeared to be a lulz fatwa at My Pet Jawa and want to share. ROFLMAO

Veeshir had a good



Hop on board as he steams into your home with good wishes and fun activities that celebrate not only a birthday but the important values of Jihad: beheading infidels and suicide bombing.

I also liked birdhurd's:

Ahkmed to NY Transvestite:


"Vhat dos dis meeen 'do yoo smoke pipe'?"

Warrior Jeep Sweepstakes To Benefit Wounded Warriors

Awesome idea to raise funds for our finest and bravest wounded warriors.

Facebook Now Allows Jewish Settlers In West Bank To List Israel, Not "Palestine" As Home

Facebook, which unwittingly had dropped itself smack in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, reversed itself Monday and now is allowing Jewish settlers in the West Bank to list themselves as residents of Israel, not a country called "Palestine."

Users of the social networking Web site who live in Maale Adumim, Ariel and other large Jewish settlements in the West Bank protested when Facebook automatically listed "Palestine" as their hometown, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A settlers group accused the California-based company of having a political agenda.

"I was surprised and disappointed to find that my hometown of Ariel is listed in Facebook as being part of a country called 'Palestine,"' Ari Zimmerman wrote in a posting on Facebook, Reuters reported. "I am a citizen of Israel, as are all of the other residents of Ariel. We do not live in 'Palestine,' nor does anyone else."

I would be upset too. Facebook can't change where a person lives just to pacify a certain group. There is a Palestinian group on Facebook now celebrating the killer who brutally murdered young students at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Why does Facebook allow this? Maybe the same reason they originally listed Israeli groups residence as "Palestine".

WND Facebook Group Celebrate Jerusalem Massacre
Jawa Special Report: The Facebook Jihad

H/T Hoosier Kuffar

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Anti-War, Leftists, Dems Etc. Listen Up

Testament of a Soldier

God Bless American and God Bless our Troops!

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Dead Terrorist Denied "Wedding" Procession

This is just plain crazy. According to Islamic fundamentalists when a male is "martyrd" in the name of religion he becomes a groom. His funeral and burial is referred to as a "wedding." I realize they believe in the 72 virgins but wasn't aware of the "wedding".

Palestinian Authority is all in a tizzy because Israel held a quiet burial for Arab terrorist Ala'a Abu-Dheim. Dheim was responsible for murdering the youth at Jerusalem's Mercaz HaRav seminary.

Too damn bad is all I can say.

Arutz Sheva

"...the shahid(martyr), Ala'a Abu-Dheim has gone without their (residents of the town Jabal Makaber) participation in his wedding procession" reads Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayal Al-Jadida.

As explained by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook of the Palestinian Media Watch organization, "The term 'wedding' is the expression commonly used in PA society, and in PA schoolbooks as well, to describe the death of Shahids - Martyrs for Allah. According to Islamic tradition, they will wed the 72 Dark- Eyed Maidens (Virgins) of Paradise."

According to the newspaper, among the residents of Jabal Mukaber, the terrorist's hometown adjacent to Jerusalem, "everyone was in a state of anticipation... preparing themselves for the wedding procession. At five o'clock in the morning the loudspeakers of the mosque minarets announced the shocking news to the thousands who were waiting, that the groom was buried in the morning without a celebration and without a wedding procession... frowning faces...expressing their sorrow for having been denied [the right] to participate in the groom's procession and to accompany him to the town's cemetery..."

Boo hoo! I do wonder if a male is a groom what is a female? I read a post at Jewish Convert to Islam Joey Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab's Revolution Muslim forum where the poster glorified martyrdom for females. The muslima told of beautiful crystal chandeliers in a mansion among other ridiculous things. Gee, I will just run out and martyr myself so I can live in a mansion with crystal chandeliers...gawd.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Video: Berkeley Out Of America Now

by e4bannan

Heil Hitler Allah?

This video addresses Western muslims and moonbats irrational allegiance to islamic terrorists.

h/t DMartyr

Anti-War Protests Held In L.A. & Other Cities.

I thought it quite interesting that Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was at the protest. As most of you are aware CAIR is an "un-indicted co-conspirator" in the Holy Land Foundation case.

CAIR was created in June of 1994 as a part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, a quad of groups looking for ways to finance Hamas from the United States. See Front Page Magazine

VOA News
Protesters in several US cities held anti-war rallies Saturday to mark the fifth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, March 20th. More rallies are planned in coming days in other U.S. cities. Mike O'Sullivan reports, several thousand joined an anti-war protest in Los Angeles.

Sharaf Mowjood of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the continued presence of American troops is worsening conditions in Iraq, and diverting attention from domestic U.S. problems, including rebuilding New Orleans. The city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

"We need to pull out immediately. That's the main thing right now we need to do. It's a conundrum as it is," he said. "So it's in a situation where the best viable option is to pull out because you have a lot of these internal problems you have to deal with, health care, sub-prime mortgage crisis, Katrina, all that. We need to work on those issues first."

Too bad he didn't mention the real reason he wants the U.S. to pull out of Iraq. "Hamas in Iraq" terrorist group maybe?

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed Hearts
Westboro Babtist Idiots

Islamo alqaeda supporter Sammy is trying to make a connection between the Westboro Babtist (Thank God for IED,s)idiots and Christianity. Talk about a islamotard! He added a couple of pictures from his bud Jewish convert to Islam Joey Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab. Joey is an idiot as you can tell by this picture of him. And no, this isn't the picture Sammy used.

What blows there Joey?

Revolution Asshats
The funniest thing besides the obvious is that if Muslims were to say such things… can you imagine the reaction of the Kuffaar? Can you imagine how nuts the Kuffaar would go?

Alhamdullilah, we have the Haqq… so these Christians can keep babbling about how they love IEDs, but when we say it, it actually means something. When we say it or do anything, the Government makes laws to make sure that nobody can say it again.

Of course, the Muslims are too cowardly to say such things; the closest we have ever gotten (in America) was some of the things that our brothers from the Islamic Thinkers Society say and have done. For instance, they have tore up the American flag, they insult fagots, they pray for Israel’s destruction and more. Alhamdullilah, we should be proud that we have tough Muslims in America that don’t fear the finger pointing. The Muslims in America should be supportive of such groups because these brothers speak the Haqq loud and clear.

If the Kuffaar ever try to get you arrested for the things you say such as “Allah loves IEDs,” then you can always refer back to these extreme Christian group and point out that they say things which are even more hardcore; so why is it that they have the right to say this and Muslims don’t?

Man-made laws, as usual, has way too many loopholes.

So we say to the Kuffaar, “Allah hates America,” and “Thank Allah for IEDs” and “Allah hates America,” and “Thank Allah for Dead Soldiers,” and “Don’t pray for the USA,” and “Say no to Uncle Sodom,” and “America is a Satanic Nation.”

Of course we don’t support this Christian group simply because they are Kuffaar; but it’s our right to express our anger just as it is their right.

You Iz Searching For Hores?

You iz sick......LOL.....

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Jawa's Pwn Taliban Website Number 50!


The stable had fun helping pwn these terrorist bloggers at BWAHAHAHAHAH

See My Pet Jawa

Update: Third Zionist Hore sez maybe they prefer teh ghey so enjoy talliebannie, don't want to leave anyone out!

Islam for Kids

Self explanatory.

H/T Avid Editor

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Radical Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi Urges Osama bin Laden To Surrender

Don't get excited, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who sez it is ok to blow oneself up as long as you kill a jew just wants bin Laden to prove his "innocence". The cleric must be losing a whole bunch of screws lately.

We all know how crazy his followers are such as Jewish convert to Islam New Yorker Joey Cohen aka Yousef al-Khattab and North Carolina resident Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed. They both leave a trail of screws while walking about.


Cairo (AKI)
The Egyptian cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is also a preacher on the Arab satellite television network Al Jazeera, has called on al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to surrender.

"I ask Osama bin Laden to surrender and to hand himself over to an international tribunal in order to respond to the charge that he ordered the attacks of September 11," said al-Qaradawi in an interview with the Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat.

According to the well-known Muslim scholar, it is still not established "in a definitive way by the American secret services in their reports," of bin Laden's responsibility in the attacks that occurred in New York and Washington in 2001.

For this reason, he calls on bin Laden to surrender and allow himself to be judged, with the hope that he will find himeself in front of a fair court that will be able to also judge other al-Qaeda terrorists.

Can you imagine a far leftist judge trying a case like this? God forbid. This must be some crazy taqqia while terrorists plan their next move.

Also at My Pet Jawa

Israel Sends Four Terrorists To Meet Their 72 Virgins

The article drips with "poor innocent" terrorists. The Islamic Jihad militants happened to be armed with assault rifles. Were Israeli special forces expected to walk up to their car and arrest them? They would be full of holes if they did.

The story is complete with an image of "Gazan's" weeping. Let them weep, four damn terrorist are dead.(the image is from another weeping photo-op)

Israeli commandos have opened fire on an unmarked car in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, shooting dead four Palestinian militants.

Those killed include Muhammad Shahada, 48, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad, and Ahmed al-Balbul, also 48, a leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

Two others killed were identified as members of the Islamic Jihad group.

Hours later, Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired at least four rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot.

No injuries were reported in the town after the attack which, according to Reuters news agency, was claimed by Islamic Jihad as an "initial" response to the Bethlehem killings.[...]

According to witnesses a team of Israeli commandos disguised as locals and driving a car with Palestinian number plates sprayed the militants' car with bullets.

Who were those "witnesses" that reported this. Come on BBC fess up.
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Typical Muslim Arrogance

I am always struck by the unmitigated arrogance of Muslims. They are without a doubt the most immoderate and immature ideology that I have ever encountered. From Voice Of America comes a report on the long awaited dialogue between Muslim and Catholic scholars.
A seminar has been scheduled for this November and will take place in Rome. Pope Benedict XVI has been desirous of dialogue with Muslim scholars. In 2006 a speech by Pope Benedict sparked riots fueled by the ever present Muslim outrage. The speech was made by the Pope in Regensberg, Germany and made reference to comments that another Pope had made centuries ago. The commentary from that long ago Pope was on the violence and irrationality of the Muslim faith. Why the Pope desires dialog with mindless barbarians I just don't know. Here is a snippet from one of those scholars regarding the planned dialogue:

Professor Nayed said that for some Muslims the wounds from the pope's German lecture are still open.

"For some Muslims, they are not healed, completely not healed," he added. "And there are some Muslims who are boycotting the Vatican. And some important Muslims and some important bodies of Muslim scholars still feel offended by that quite deeply."

Professor Nayed said that although the pope's speech was, in his words, "a huge mistake," the Vatican has since shown positive signs. He said Pope Benedict - in his visit to Turkey's Blue Mosque in November 2006 - has sought to make amends.

In light of the fact Islamists murdered a kind man who was a Bishop in Iraq I would be opening a different kind of dialogue with "Muslim counterparts". One that stresses that Muslims need to learn to have respect for not just other religions but basic human rights. At this point Islam does not deserve a seat at the table with other religions. Only in Islam is it acceptable to murder a man of God because of his religion.

Professor Nayed, I am offended that so many of your co-religionists are a bunch of murdering, lying, raping, child abusing, evil monsters. Your precious Islam is just an excuse for war and evil. Take a look at the conflicts in the world what do 99% have in common? Islam. I am sick to death of typical Muslim arrogance. Professor Nayed, the Pope does not owe Muslims an apology for his 2006 commentary. Islam damn sure owes the rest of the world an apology. How about we start with you Professor Nayed for your arrogance .