Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing The New & Improved GZ Mosque aka Park51 PR Team

Park51 twitter followers a tad upset about the new team, not to be confused with the old team. Or, not to be confused with GZMosque aka Park51:
# Bio Parody Twitter account of the Park51 Lower Manhattan community center project. Run by former interns of @Park51, canned after our anti-Jewish/anti-Amish remarks


Such as this tweet:

Bartender asks: "Gret Gutfeld"? Whomever it is it's damn funny!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Music Video Sums Up Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque – “Salt in the Wound”

Thanks to Brian

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Muslima, Leave Minnie Mouse Alone!!

Disneyland Resort hotel employee accused Disney of discrimination for refusing to let her wear a Muslim head scarf at work in public.

Beotch, you become a American citizen...then demand.....then sue. Did you not read the what you can/can't wear when applying for a job at Disney?

File this under Stealth Jihad/assmaggots

Thanks to Andrea

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Oh Noes!!!!!!!! Ground Zero Mosque A Zionist Conspiracy!!!!

Our sooper sekrit plan has been uncovered!!

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For The Ladies: New York Fire Department Eye Candy

Click here for more smokin hot bods!

Note: For the naysayers:
A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Thomas R. Elsasser Fund, which supports families of New York firefighters who died outside the line of duty.

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Utah: Lul Noor Abdi, Somalia Shop Owner, Charged With Lying To FBI Agents

Regarding the whereabouts of her son, who authorities apparently suspect could be associated with a terrorist network[al Shabaab].

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Defining moment 'across all 52 states'

Defining moment 'across all 52 states' - Maggie Haberman - "

The developer is as bad as Obama's 57 states....campaign moment

Jawa Report: JaWannaBe's Comment Strikes Fear In The Heart Of The Mujahid Including Ehadi Younes Abdullah

I'd rather have 72 hotties from the strip club than 72 virgins.

"...with hymen unbroken by sexual intercourse..."
Are they admitting they have little bitty peckers
This was in response to my post: Brainwashing The 72 Blackeyed Virgins Way

Come to think of it, where's Revolution Muslims Jesse Morton (aka Younes Abdullah)? Found your little bitty thing yet, or are you too busy playing with Ken?


Good News!! Terrorist Interrogation Tapes Found Under CIA Desk


CIA Found Video of 9/11 Plotter Ramzi Binalshibh Being Interrogated in Secret Prison
The CIA has tapes of 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh being interrogated in a secret overseas prison. Discovered under a desk, the recordings could provide an unparalleled look at how foreign governments aided the U.S. in holding and questioning suspected terrorists.

The two videotapes and one audiotape are believed to be the only remaining recordings made within the clandestine prison system.

The tapes depict Binalshibh's interrogation sessions at a Moroccan-run facility the CIA used near Rabat in 2002, several current and former U.S. officials told The Associated Press. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because the recordings remain a closely guarded secret.
Some closely guarded secret you have there, gawd.

In other FU news, GITMO detainee Adnan Farhan Abd al-Latif to be released.
In a previously secret ruling written in July and released on Monday, US District Judge Henry Kennedy said the Obama administration failed to show by a preponderance of the evidence that the Yemeni man was part of al-Qaeda or an associated force.
BTW , RM troll hflda. Say hi to Zack & Jesse and tell them Allah/Mohammed sucks testes...and Allah knows best.

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Brainwashing The 72 Blackeyed Virgins Way

Turn sound off, gawd awful nasheed.

Talk about a head trip.

JihadTuber MuslimNalAfgansUnite, who posted this video, commented on his channel about the vid:

The Houris (hoors/hoor al-Ayn) have variously been described as being "chaste females", "restraining their glances", "modest gaze", "wide and beautiful/lovely eyes", "untouched / with hymen unbroken by sexual intercourse", "like pearls", "virgins", "voluptuous/full-breasted", "with large, "non-menstruating/urinating/de
­fecating and childfree", round breasts which are not inclined to hang", "companions of equal age", "transparent to the marrow of their bones", "eternally young", "hairless" , "pure", "beautiful", "white", "revirginating", "splendid beauty".

We Ask Allah To Bless Me With Whatever It Takes For Me To Get Al Hoor Al Ayn.
Looks like Allah doesn't want you & Allah knows best.

Facebook site, Without Niqab, Hijab is not complete, linked to the video as well as other videos regarding supporting the mujahideen.

Sick pukes.

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BTW, commenter at Jawa "jflda":

Ramadan Bombathon News

60 killed in bomb attack on Iraqi Army recruits.
BAGHDAD -- A homicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday among hundreds of army recruits who had gathered near a military headquarters in an attack officials said killed 60 and wounded 125, one of the bloodiest bombings in months in the Iraqi capital.
NYT's article: NokiaLeaks:
Four hours after the explosion Iraqi photographers and television cameramen were still sitting forlornly on a sidewalk more than 100 yards from the scene of the blast, unable to carry out their jobs.

However, footage will circulate, not least from the grisly video clips of the suicide bomber’s severed torso. Indeed some of those same Iraqi security forces had captured the images on their Nokia, Motorola and Samsung cellphones, and were transmitting to others.
Poor babies, unable to circulate images of blood and gore from their contacts.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

As Obi One Honored The Islamic Holy Month Of Ramadan During The Annual White House State Dinner

He also announced his full support for the Ground Zero Mosque.

Time for Greg Gutfield to go ahead with his plans to build a Islam friendly gay bar next door:

72 Virgin drinks, can't go wrong with that Insha'Allah.

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Related (Jawa Report)

An Idea Almost as Good as My "Museum of the Islamist Holocaust" at Ground Zero
Ground Zero mosque imam blames US for 9/11/refuses to call Hamas a terrorist organization
WTF? Are Our Tax Dollars Paying For Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's Trip To Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc?
Video: Argument Against Ground Zero Mosque

Is Asadullah Alshishani Of Ansar Al Mujahideen Ghey?

A very weird person tried to subscribe to my channel on YouTube. Checked him out, tons of gay Hitler stuff and swear one of his "favored videos" is Asadullah Alshishani of the jihadi Ansar al Mujahideen forum. Wonder if ZyklonBunny wanted to out him, if it is indeed him.

Alshishani's ghey sounding Nasheeds makes sense now along with the fact, in high school, he was previously known as "Assistant Deputy Reichsleiter".

Compare this picture of Alshishani to the person in the video below:


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Heartache: Saudi King Issues Decree To Limit Fatwas

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has issued a decree stating only senior clerics are permitted to issue fatwas, or Islamic religious edicts, the official SPA news agency says.

It cited the text of the decree as saying for the time being, only members of the Council of Senior Ulema (scholars) will be allowed to issue fatwas.

The ruling comes during the first week of Ramadan, the holy fasting month for Muslims worldwide.

In the decree, the Saudi monarch also asks the grand mufti, who heads the council, to submit a list of others who are qualified to issue fatwas.

The limitation is necessary because many individuals have started superceding the authority of official religious bodies and issued fatwas that cause disputes and dissent among Muslims, the decree said on Thursday.
Dang, gonna make it harder for me to get a fatwa.

Thanks to Kenny Solomon

BTW: To whom it may concern:


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LatmaTV: Israelis for illegal aliens and Bibi as sushi


Ramadan Mubarak Hamas/Hezbollah/Mad Mullahs/Islamofacists & Other Terrorist

Israel aims to be space superpower, partnering with NASA.

Ponder that while celebrating.

Yes, Melvin "Mel" Kaminsky aka Mel Brooks is a Jew.

Just a heads up to anti-Semitic trolls at Jawa Report like Revolution Muslim's lackies.

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Terror-Tied ISNA Dawah Infiltrates Nat'l Boy Scout Jamboree

First, official of ISNA teaching Ft Hood soldiers before they leave for Afghanistan now playing dawah with the boyscouts?

WTF is wrong with this picture?

Creeping Sharia
Obama couldn’t make it, and was booed loudly, but his pals from Muslim Brotherhood-linked ISNA made it to spread their Islamist agenda. via GMBDR, ISNA and ADAMS To Participate In Boy Scout Jamboree:

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is reporting that it has joined with two other Islamic organizations in participating in the 18th National Scout Jamboree. According to the report:
PC/dhimmitude gone mad, gawd.

Files this under Stealth Jihad

Thanks to the bartender.

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Heartache For Akhi On Faloja Forum

Faloja is closing in one week

Aaron sez Read.It.And.Weep. Snippet (googlish translate):
Huh ...
Is it the final cut!!!
Brothers and not Trouhon Takllona God's
Do not go and leave us alone
So what do we do ..
Please advise us Please advise us ..
Allah protect us in our loss
The Akhalafna better than Lord of the Worlds
And another disappointed akhi:
Is it stops supporting jihad and the mujahideen??

Mamni conditions you suffered??

Does anyone who said that supporting the Mujahideen easy and easy??

"O our sheikh al-Andalus I think you do not intend to completely Maglt,,,

!!!!I am in Bali is something I hope to have it
This one is in shock, I tell ya, shock!!!
O brothers in God and gave us more I swear to God that my body trembling from the shock

Not about the suffering and only God

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heartache: Food Stamp Users Lose, Unions Win

Gotta fund the $26Billion State Aid bailout somehow.
Some Democrats are upset and advocacy groups are outraged over the raiding of the food-stamp cupboard to fund a state-aid bailout that some call a gift to teachers and government union workers.
Well yah, too bad you didn't see the writing on the wall before you voted Obi One for prez. Most of you were more worried about if Trig was really Gov Palin's son.

Feel sorry for you? Did you vote for Obi One?

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AQAP: Overthrow Saudi Monarchy/Kill All Christians

Yemen based AlQaeda in the Arabic Pennisula (AQAP) have spoketh

BTW Samir Khan aka Inshallahsheed, former NC ehadi, like your new digs?
Al-Qaeda urged soldiers to help topple the Saudi monarchy and kill Christians and government officials in the kingdom, said someone purporting to be a leader of the group in a recording.

Al-Qaeda ordered supporters in the Saudi army to “collect information on everything related to the Saudi royal family” in an effort to dethrone them, a speaker identified as Saeed al- Shihri said in an Arabic-language recording posted today on a website that often carries al-Qaeda statements. The identity of the speaker could not immediately be verified.

The group has accused the Saudi monarchy of helping the U.S. to wage war against Muslims through its military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Al-Qaeda in June ordered sympathizers in the military to abduct Saudi princes, ministers and Christian residents.

The U.S. embassy warned its citizens in the kingdom that it has credible information that unidentified extremists may be planning to attack western nationals in al-Qassim province north of Riyadh, according to a Warden Message on its website dated Aug. 4. The timing and method of potential attacks aren’t known, according to the statement.
Watch your six Sammy, watch your six.

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UnPresidential Seal: Obi One's Campaign Logo

Screencap from Dallas TV WFAA

Thanks to Velvet Hammer

Kinda reminds me of the background image on Obi Ones 2008 official campaign site

Click to enlarge.

File this under subliminal freakyfeckinshite

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'Palestinian Authority': We Want Peace With Israel, Or, Time To Honor The Terrorist Beotch Dalal al-Mughrabi

In 1978,Palestinian terrorists including Mughrabi murdered 38 Israeli civilians, 13 were children. 71 others were wounded. The incident was known as the Coastal Road Massacre.

Via Carl in Jerusalem

Ain't summer camps grand?

File this under Islamofacist assmaggots

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CAIR Bares To Director Mueller

Apologize for inviting Robert Spencer to lecture federal agents on Islamist ideology.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

911 Hard Hat Pledge

Via Blue Collar Corner
The good people at FOX News invited me to speak on the subject of our “911 Hard Hat Pledge”. Well I certainly was not prepared for the reaction I got which was explosive! Tens of thousands of hits and comments on the Blue Collar Corner site.

The comments that were left were extremely moving. Things like : I am not a blue collar worker but I run a paper plant in Iowa and all of us at the plant support you and all New Yorkers in your pledge. Civil servants from out of state who participated in the clean-up nearly a decade ago were elated to hear that there has been a movement started to appeal directly to the Imam and his group in hopes that it would not come to a Boycott across the country which is exactly where this is going

Some of the most moving comments as always come from the mothers and fathers of firemen and police officers who perished that awful day who live their lives as if 911 was a day away and not almost ten years. To my fellow American Blue Collars and beyond I personally thank you and want to let you know I am incredibly humbled by your generosity and commitment to The 911 Hard Hat

My appeal right now is to Imam Feisal Rauff and Daisy Khan who are the leaders of this project. My fellow New Yorkers: Please do not do this. Move this projected building site and New Yorkers will open up their hearts and give you their full support from both the community and from the construction industry.[More]
Now is time for "bridge building" Feisal Fauff.

Thanks to Andrea

Blue Collar Hard Hat Pledge here

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Video: My Pet "Jawa" Is Angry!

You tell 'em Jawa bird!

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Video: Three Things You Should Know About Islam Before It Affects You

Thanks to Andrea


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Germany: Mosque Used By 9/11 Attackers Shut Down - FAIL

For praying/planning for jihad/holy war

Shout out to John Brennan, jihad also means holy war.
BERLIN -- A small Hamburg mosque once frequented by Sept. 11 attackers was shut down and searched Monday because German authorities believed the prayer house was again being used as a meeting point for Islamic radicals.

The Taiba mosque was closed and the cultural association that runs it was banned, officials in the northern German city of Hamburg said.

The homes of leading members of the cultural association were also searched and the group's assets were confiscated, Hamburg's state government said in a statement.

The prayer house, until two years ago known as the al-Quds mosque, was a meeting and recruiting point years ago for some of the Sept. 11 attackers before they moved to the United States, authorities say. Sept. 11 ringleader Mohamed Atta as well as attackers Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah had studied in Hamburg and frequented the al-Quds mosque.

"We have closed the mosque because it was a recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war," said Frank Reschreiter, a spokesman for the Hamburg state interior ministry.

He said 20 police officers were searching the building and had confiscated material, including several computers. He said he had no information about any arrests.
Luckily, the stupid wannabe mujahid acted stupidly by using the mosque again to plain terrorist acts. Kinda like Revolution Muslim's wannabe mujahid Zach Chesser, whose stupidity resulted in his arrest.

BTW, where is Waldo Jesse Morton aka Younes Abdullah of Revolution Muslim? Did the conference with convicted terrorist Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed, and other notables, wear him out? Goat humping can be tiring I suppose.

Watch your six Jesse, watch your six.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

WTF? Are Our Tax Dollars Paying For Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's Trip To Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc?

Rauf refuses to call Hamas a terrorist group/blames US for 9/11 and our State Dept is sending him on a bridge building mission to the ME. Again, WTF?

Read about this from Claudia Rosett here[Forbes] & here[Pajamas Media]

Ultimately, in response to repeated questions, a member of Rauf's New York Cordoba Initiative foundation e-mailed me Friday, saying that Rauf's trip to the Middle East, "in the near future," will be hosted by the U.S. government as part of an outreach program to "bring the message of moderation, peace and understanding."

At the State Department, which presumably will be spending taxpayer money on Rauf's tour, I have yet to receive confirmation or any other information about his program, despite three days of my repeated requests by phone and e-mail. Apparently it is taking a while for State's Bureau of Public Diplomacy to get "clearance" to release any details of this particular public outreach effort, though Rauf's wife says it has been in the works for months.
Are our tax dollars paying for the radical imam's trip to enable him to raise more money for the Ground Zero mosque? If so, no wonder he won't release the names of those who gave money up front to build the mosque.

WTF is wrong with this picture?

File this under Domestic Dhimmis/Stealth Jihad

Thanks to Robert

Ground Zero mosque imam blames US for 9/11/refuses to call Hamas a terrorist organization

Hamas Terror Manifesto Published By Obama's Church

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day by Day: Bassackwards

By Chris Muir

Click to enlarge


Bassackwards at the Annual DBD Fund Drive -last week! at DBD2010

LatmaTV: Obama's Advisor Discusses The PLO Embassy In Washington


Jawa Report: Pre Blog Sabbath Caption Contest - C.A.I.R. Edition

Is he a blasphemer?

One of the founders of Council on American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, holds up a Mo image during discussion regarding the Ground Zero mosque on The O'Reilly Factor. He was trying to discredit Pamela Geller[video] of Atlas Shrugs.

Looks like he blew it. Thanks to guest (Jawa Report) (gotta give a name, any name please). This was too good to pass up.

Fatwas issued on Monday (Jawa Report, click link below) (no guests, any name please)

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August 7th, 2010

On this day in 1998, near-simultaneous bombings occured at US Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania.
In Nairobi, where the US Embassy was located in a congested downtown area, the attack killed 291 persons and wounded about 5,000. The bombing in Dar es Salaam killed 10 persons and wounded 77.
Americans killed (Nairobi) were (click to enlarge):

Gone but not forgotten, RIP.

Nairobi Embassy aftermath.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking: Feds To Announce New Terror Arrests (Update -Omar Al Hammami aka Abu Mansour Al Amriki Among Those Indicted)

American Jihadi Omar Al Hammami aka Abu Mansoor al-Amriki of alQaeda's Somalia arm also indicted. Unsure if he is in custody.

Update: Listened to news conference, he is not in custody. Feck

........................begin original post..................

Will update as more info received. Feds to hold news conference at noon.

Marking the latest in a growing number of terrorism cases involving an Al Qaeda-linked group in Somalia, more than a dozen Somali-Americans have been arrested in at least two U.S. cities for allegedly supporting and in some cases fund-raising for the group.

Many of those arrested were in Minneapolis. Two of them are Amina Farah Ali and Hawo Mohamed Hassan of Rochester, who have been indicted by a grand jury on charges of providing material support to a terrorist group.

Prosecutors allege they raised funds "by soliciting door-to-door" in Minnesota's Somali communities, telling potential donors that "the funds were for the poor and needy." Some of that money, prosecutors say, would then be funneled to the group Al Shabab, which has been designated a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

In an indictment unsealed Thursday morning, prosecutors also allege that seven others, including unidentified individuals in Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio, helped Ali and Hallan "collect and forward funds to Al Shabab." Some of the other alleged aides appear to be in Somalia, including one individual described as "the al-Shabab administrative governor" in parts of the war-torn country.

For more than two years, the FBI has been investigating how dozens of Americans from Minneapolis and elswhere were recruited to train and fight alongside the Somalia-based group, known as Al Shabab. Most recently, Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks in Uganda and pledged its allegiance to Usama bin Laden.

Ali and Hassan are both naturalized U.S. citizens.
Heh, jihadi lovers of Alshabaab folding like a deck of cards.

Companion post at the Jawa Report

Jesse Norton aka Younes Abdullah, How Did Your Conference Go At RM? You Know, The One With Convicted Terrorist Omar The Goat Humping Bakri Muhammed?

Inquiring minds wanna know Fat Flat Younes.

Bakri hump you Flat maybe?


Companion post at the Jawa Report

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busted: Chicago Man Charged With Aiding al Qaeda knew Revolution Muslims Zach Chesser

Several updates on this so will link to post at Jawa Report

Zach's wife, Umm Talha, did you also know him?


Pakistan: Hindu Youth Prem Chans Coffin Labeled With "Kafir"

The religion of pieces & intolerance :
The coffin of a promising young Pakistani Hindu social worker, killed in the recent airliner crash here, has been marked as "kaafir" or infidel, causing anguish and revulsion among his friends and netizens.

Prem Chand, 25, a bright spark from the minority Hindu community, was a member of the National Youth Parliament and was heading to Islamabad from Karachi to attend the organisation's last session when the Airblue flight crashed into the Margalla Hills on July 28, killing all 152 people on board.

Ehsan Naveed Irfan, a youth parliamentarian who identified Prem Chand's body, said the coffin was first marked in black with the word "kaafir" and this was then highlighted in red.

After identifying Prem Chand's body, his friends covered this by writing: "We love you – from the youth parliament". Since the day after the crash members of youth parliament have been protesting against the marking on his coffin.
The article mentioned a Facebook page was started in Remembrance of Prem Chand. While reading the posts, this says it all:
Remembering Prem Chand

Prem Chand's last status update on Facebook was: "Comments Can Make a Person & Comments Can Break a Person."So Be Careful and Ethical While Giving Comments for Someone." - He rightly said so. A single word comment on his coffin has shattered many across Pakistan
Also this fan photo:

Hmmm, wonder if other non-Muslims were labeled the same. Sad, such a terrible tragedy and to dishonor the dead this way is barbaric.

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ATTN JihadTube User MujahideenFidayeen

It's not nice to mess with a Jawa, you may end of being Jawa's bitch bitch. (Howie's favorite saying)

Comrade Vinnieovich, Political Office is really gonna be really p**sed now. He made the video and I downloaded from him, my about on the video clearly states this.

This happened with another video yesterday.

Both jihadtubers are coward mujahideen loving pussies. Bwahahahahahahaha

Lover of Taliban Mullah Omar:

I suppose MF (shortened his name, you get my drift) wants to have sex with Comrade Vinnieovich ?

Threw in the second comment for laughs.

Oh, and MF, this is for you:

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Taliban Doing What They Do Best - Murder Innocents, Especially Children

To the mujahideen, collateral damage is OK by Mo/Allah. That is the terrorists way of explaining innocent Muslims losing their lives in suicide bomb attacks. Terrorist lovers fall for it hook, line and sinker.

A suicide bomber who targeted a vehicle in Afghanistan carrying a government official killed six children nearby, officials said.

District government chief Ahmadullah Nazak, who was being escorted to work in a police vehicle in Kandahar province, survived the attack.
RIP little ones.

Thanks to ImFlippinTheRaya's earlier tweet.

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ATTN JihadTuber Hello Kitty errr 5362709A

I am sharing with Jawa/Stable readers the comment you left on my vid Always nice to share a bit of humor.

Click to enlarge both screencaps:

Teh ghey jihadi 5362079A sports a Hello Kitty avatar. Bwahahahaha!

I can just picture his mommies basement room, full of fluffy stuffed animals and LOTS of Hello Kitty.

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