Friday, August 13, 2010

Heartache For Akhi On Faloja Forum

Faloja is closing in one week

Aaron sez Read.It.And.Weep. Snippet (googlish translate):
Huh ...
Is it the final cut!!!
Brothers and not Trouhon Takllona God's
Do not go and leave us alone
So what do we do ..
Please advise us Please advise us ..
Allah protect us in our loss
The Akhalafna better than Lord of the Worlds
And another disappointed akhi:
Is it stops supporting jihad and the mujahideen??

Mamni conditions you suffered??

Does anyone who said that supporting the Mujahideen easy and easy??

"O our sheikh al-Andalus I think you do not intend to completely Maglt,,,

!!!!I am in Bali is something I hope to have it
This one is in shock, I tell ya, shock!!!
O brothers in God and gave us more I swear to God that my body trembling from the shock

Not about the suffering and only God

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