Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pakistan: Hindu Youth Prem Chans Coffin Labeled With "Kafir"

The religion of pieces & intolerance :
The coffin of a promising young Pakistani Hindu social worker, killed in the recent airliner crash here, has been marked as "kaafir" or infidel, causing anguish and revulsion among his friends and netizens.

Prem Chand, 25, a bright spark from the minority Hindu community, was a member of the National Youth Parliament and was heading to Islamabad from Karachi to attend the organisation's last session when the Airblue flight crashed into the Margalla Hills on July 28, killing all 152 people on board.

Ehsan Naveed Irfan, a youth parliamentarian who identified Prem Chand's body, said the coffin was first marked in black with the word "kaafir" and this was then highlighted in red.

After identifying Prem Chand's body, his friends covered this by writing: "We love you – from the youth parliament". Since the day after the crash members of youth parliament have been protesting against the marking on his coffin.
The article mentioned a Facebook page was started in Remembrance of Prem Chand. While reading the posts, this says it all:
Remembering Prem Chand

Prem Chand's last status update on Facebook was: "Comments Can Make a Person & Comments Can Break a Person."So Be Careful and Ethical While Giving Comments for Someone." - He rightly said so. A single word comment on his coffin has shattered many across Pakistan
Also this fan photo:

Hmmm, wonder if other non-Muslims were labeled the same. Sad, such a terrible tragedy and to dishonor the dead this way is barbaric.

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