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No Women or Children Available To Hide Behind So Hamas Had To Release A Grainy Video Of The Killing Of 2 Israeli Soldiers (Update - Vid PWND!!)

Vid went bye bye!!! Thanks everyone!

RIP Maj Eliraz Peretz and Staff St. Ilan Sviatkovsky.

Via Haaretz
In the events on Friday, Maj. Eliraz Peretz and Staff Sgt. Ilan Sviatkovsky were killed in the Gaza Strip while pursuing a group of Palestinian militants trying to lay mines near the border fence. Two other soldiers were injured in the incident, and two militants were killed.[...]

The military wing of Hamas, the Iz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade, announced on Friday that it was responsible for the killing of the two IDF soldiers and injuring two others.

In a Hamas news conference, the spokesperson for the military wing of Hamas, Abu Obeida, said that a Hamas sniper succeeded in striking two Israeli soldiers. Abu Obeida said that "the act is dedicated to the Palestinian nation, to the jailed prisoners and in honor of shahid Mahmoud al-Mabhouh."
Flag Hamas video please, IDF will thank you.

While you are at it, flag Hamas Facebook page

h/t The Sanity Inspector

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And Allah knows best.

Jihad Tube: YouTube User Dalactube3 Posts Video of Leader of Islamic Emirate in the Caucuses Who Claims Bombing Of The Moscow Metro

Wouldn't this be a violation of your terms of service YouTube?
Offical channel of the Islamic Emirate in the Caucuses: youtube/user/dalactube3?

More from Howie at Jawa

Facebook Ehadi Update

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Syed Salahuddin Supreme Commander of Hiz bul Mujahideed

American traitor radical cleric & alQaeda supporter Awlaki friends went bye bye

Not sure what this one was? rsyf-ljdh GONE

Second site of Syed Salahuddin Supreme Commader of Hizb ul Mujahideen GONE!/pages/Reinstate-the-page-Syed-Salahuddin-Supreme-Commander-of-Hizb-ul-Mujahideen/407513430389?ref=search&sid=2722024.858813337..1

Another site - don't know what it was.(We have since clarified how to post with name of site) Anyhow this ehadi group GONE

Voice of Jihad (Taliban)

More Taliban E-had denied:
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!/pages/Qandahar-Afghanistan/Islamic-Emirate-of-Afghanistan/360269853440?ref=sgm

al Qaeda in Somalia al Shabaab!! Jihad Denied!!
Harakat al-Shabaab Mujahideen

(Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) Voice of Jihad GONE again, the third time! Poor babies, only had one fan - Bwahahahahaha

Thanks everyone for helping, our soldiers appreciate this. Special thanks to Tony for getting the ball rolling and listing ehadi FB sites. Also special thanks to Eric at FB March of Honor, he joined us by listing a site each week to take down. At present, they have 10,615 fans. Consider joining MOH to show appreciation for our finest and bravest heroes! You could also join us at FB too while you are at it. United Muslim Ummah is our favorite beotch.

FB Jawa Report

Back to the bad ghey ehadi of Facebook - Among others, here is a favorite of mine that I would like to see gone:


Some incentive:

Pakistani Women Join Special Anti-Terror Forces

Jawa Report:

Taliban/alQaeda etc you are being sploded by Pakistani women!! That right there is damn funny. The ones the terrorists want to leash Taliban style Sharia on are killing/capturing them!

Click here to view clip

Hats off to Pakistani Special Forces ladies!! Good on ya showing the Taliban/alQaeda, etc. who's da boss.

Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep, Goats, Cows & Pigs!

Jawa Report:

Once akhi gets a taste of pigs (isn't that right Censored31/andy rand?) there's no stopping em.

Allah will not be pleased and Allah knows best:

Total rip off from AC/DC but related:

h/t Scott Thong


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Death Threats On JihadTube? Really? Srzly? No Way

Say it ain't so  Youtube.

Since Gay Shia Muslim crazy Norman Leboon, Sr. was arrested for threatening to kill Eric Cantor, the Virginia Congressman. how  about you, YouTube,  start listening to our complaints

I , and others,   get ehadi death threats all the time for flagging  ehadi vids and what happens? Not a friggin thing unless we get lucky, like today, although that user will be back, unlike Leboon.

Something is terribly wrong with your system, does it takes a Congressman to get you to notice? What about our military, don't they count? What about other YouTube members who flag terrorist propaganda, don't they count? Apparently not and this sux and you suck.

Read Death Stars [StarCMC] excellent post on this subject.

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It's A Miracle!! We Found Censored31's Image!!!

Thank you Aussie Dave for finding this!

h/t Bubbe

Jawa Report: Help Marine's Family Fight Phelps' Clan

Thanks Howie for alerting us.

Gateway Pundit:
The father of a Marine who gave his life for his country in Iraq is being forced to pay the Westboro cult’s court costs.
The Baltimore Sun reported, via FOX Nation:

Lawyers for the father of a Marine who died in Iraq and whose funeral was picketed by anti-gay protesters say a court has ordered him to pay the protesters’ appeal costs.
On Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered that Albert Snyder of York, Pa., pay costs associated with Fred Phelps’ appeal. Phelps is the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at the funeral of Snyder’s son, Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, in Westminster in 2006.

You can make a donation to help with the legal costs here.

The Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit just spit in the eye of a Marine hero and his family by requiring them to pay money to these assholes:

Democrat Dhimmis: Virginia politicians invited to Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center Fundraiser

No biggy, lots of terrorists worshiped there including two of the 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hamzi and Hani Hanjour

The Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center is holding their annual fundraiser on Saturday April 3, and they advertise the event using the names of seven Virginia elected officials as invited guests.

We decided to make sure they knew that their good names were being used to raise money for a terrorist-linked organization, and to find out whether they really did plan on attending the banquet

What could go wrong?

h/t Tom

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Reader Love Mail to Allahakchew From YouTuber MujahidAK74U (UPDATED-SUSPENDED)

Bye, bye MujahidAK7rU ;-), it's not nice to mess with me and Allah knows best ;-)

I can't get no respect - if you gonna comment on my channel at least spell piss right MujahidAK7rU and Allah know best.

Militia Charged With Plotting To Murder Law Enforcement Officers: Facebook Hutaree Craziness

This gives a new meaning to Romancing the Stone, All in the Family, Sly and the Family Stone, Stone Cold Pilots, Rosetta Stone, etc.

NYT's named those arrested. (Update, more arrests imminent)
Those arrested in the militia case were, top row, from left, David B. Stone Sr., David B. Stone Jr., Jacob Ward, Tina Mae Stone, and, bottom row, from left, Michael D. Meeks, Kristopher T. Sickles, Joshua J. Cough and Thomas W. Piatek.

A search was done on Facebook for these crazy's:

Facebook Hutaree Christian Militia

David B Stone Jr(top row 2nd on left) FB page, looked like a normal kid happy to be getting married, has a baby.

Joshua J Cough FB (bottom row 3rd from left) page

Several pages on Facebook featuring the Hutaree Logo such as this FB page, - Ruekoten Zulif He claims to be the "Hutaree Minister"

Hutaree Logo:

New World Order craziness.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Yousuf Al-Sharrafi, Palestinian Legislative Council Member from Hamas, Calls for Suicide Operations in Israeli Buses and Restaurants

Free Free Palestine my arse. Dopes (These are the type of people commenter andy rand hearts)[commenter at Jawa Report Where this is cross posted]

The religion of pieces doesn't like Israel building on their own land

View video at MEMRI

Texas: Austin Chronicle Dhimmi

Richard Whitaker compares Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed
How is Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst like a radical Muslim leader? Because he's decided to get all condemnatory about the play Corpus Christi, thus drawing unwelcome and extraordinary attention to a student production and causing nine plays to be canceled over safety concerns.

The play by Texas-raised and Tony-nominated playwright Terrence McNally, about a gay Christ-like figure called Joshua, was to be part of a performance of one-act plays performed by students at Tarleton State University[...]

[Dewhurst]Every citizen is entitled to the freedom of speech, but no one should have the right to use government funds or institutions to portray acts that are morally reprehensible to the vast majority of Americans.[...]

This debacle places Dewhurst in strange company, since McNally was the subject of a fatwa issued by Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad of the UK Shari’ah Court because of the same play.[...]

At the time, Bakri made it clear that, since McNally lived in the Dar al-Harb (the non-Muslim world), the fatwa was not legally binding and individuals should not act on it. Which gives it the same strength as, say, a press release that is going to be potentially read by unhinged fundamentalists who might scare people into closing a play down.
Ya, those pesky unhinged fundamentalists go around killing Jews, chopping peoples heads off and stuff.

Apparently Whittaker hasn't done research on alQaeda supporting Bakri the goat humper. We would have helped him out

Hmmm, wonder if Whittaker is related to Chuckie?

Omar's pole dancing daughter, Yasmin Fastok, at the Jawa Report

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Afternoon Caption Contest

At Jawa Report. Fatwa's will be issued.

Image from Aussie Dave

Today is Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem days before his Passion.

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem Thanks Bubbe

To all our Jewish friends (Passover known to Jews as Pesach begins tomorrow evening at sunset)

h/t Bubbe

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Horowitz: An Anti-Semite In The White House (UPDATED SATIRE)

David Horowitz[article deleted - click link]
Here is an AP dispatch I received today:

Shana Habbab (AP White House Correspondent)

(AP) — An unidentified Israeli official has confirmed that private discussions between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu included an urgent request from the President that the traditional closing refrain “next year in Jerusalem” be deleted during the upcoming Passover holiday, calling the ancient passage provocative and unhelpful for the future of peace talks. Calling it “an easy fix,” Obama strongly urged the Jewish People to replace it with “next year in peace” or “next year in Tel Aviv,” leaving the exact wording to final status talks between Israelis and Palestinians.

Here are some salient facts: The Palestinians are governed by two terrorist organizations who train school kids to aspire to kill Jews, and who have both declared their opposition to the very existence of a Jewish state and who have participated in five aggressive wars against Israel in the last 60 years. Just one of the sayings of their prophet Muhammad calls on all Muslims to go to war with the Jews and kill them, every last one. The official charter of Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza contains this genocidal incitement. The president has not asked Hamas to remove that statement from its charter.
Horowitz article was deleted is why it didn't connect. Commenter at Jawa Report, Moriah, stated he/she received one and it was labeled satire. Needless to say I am none to pleased and apologize, BUT, the rest of my post remains:

I am still wondering about LA Times refusal to reveal, during the presidential elections, a videotape that shows Obama toasting PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi during Khalidi's going away party.

Also, possibly related to this (thanks to Kenny Solomon) Hamas lays out their diplomatic plan for Arab/Israel conflict Remember Obama mentor Rev Wright published the Hamas terror manifesto?
Sen. Barack Obama's Chicago church reprinted a manifesto by Hamas that defended terrorism as legitimate resistance, refused to recognize the right of Israel to exist and compared the terror group's official charter – which calls for the murder of Jews – to America's Declaration of Independence.
Sadly, satire about this is believable due to Obama's actions.

The Tribal Update 43 - "Happy Health-Reform Holidays"


Ehadi JihadTube: What If YouTube Was Hit In The Pocketbook?

Maybe they will listen to complaints about terrorist propaganda by ehadi YouTube users if they lose ad revenue. Certainly companies/sites would not like to promote killing of our military and supporting alQaeda, Taliban, al Shabaab, etc.

From Jer at Quotheraven
Note the user name: TurkishMujahid.
Jer shows 2 ads, Vanguard & Interilus, on this ehadi favorite videos:
ansar al-islam 35 attacks against U.S. forces in, Mortar Attacks on US Bases Iraq 2009, 6 Marine Snipers Killed in Iraq.
Here is a ad [Right of page]on the same users channel: YouTube & Partnered by Pulizer Center made possible by Sony & Intel. Notice the three ads on the bottom of the screen. "Free WSJ registration", the next, damn sickening (his family would be heartbroken )- "Fallen Soldiers Memorial"
Our Fallen Soldier, was founded on August 1,
2006 following the loss of our son, brother and uncle Sgt. Kyle Colnot who was KIA 22 April 2006 outside of Baghdad, Iraq.
and the last one Coffee Fool

YouTube, the ball is in your court.

BTW Turkish Mujahid:

ATTN YouTube User Habibullah07

Death Star has more on this ehadi, who wont be to happy (3,010 videos) - Ha!

Here are some more islamist videos to SMACK DOWN!
If you have time, why not pick a few?

SMACKDOWN Instructions

Friday, March 26, 2010

Who The F**k Is Leaking Classified Information To CNN?

File this under assmaggots/traitors.

Via Brad Thor at Big Journalism
On Wednesday, CNN’s Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr reported on multiple, highly sensitive documents that had been “provided” to CNN and which detail valuable, strategic intelligence gathered by the Department of Defense in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It should come as no surprise that Starr made sure to highlight all of the juicy details. She not only revealed U.S. knowledge of a covert meeting between Hamid Karzai’s brother and Mullah Baradar (a top Taliban leader who was later arrested in Pakistan), as well as a secret audio message played to Taliban commanders from reclusive Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, but she went on to inform the entire world that the United States has a safe house in Kabul (used by members of the Haqqani terror network) currently under surveillance. Great work Barbara!

Would anyone care to wager that within hours of Starr’s story being published on the Internet that the Haqqani network began sanitizing and abandoning all of its safe houses in Kabul?
Read it all: Is a D.O.D. Insider Leaking Classified Information to CNN?

GITMO: First Reported Recidivist Released by the Obama Administration

Nasty dude, yet was still released. Nice going Obi One.

Via Thomas Joscelin/Bill Roggio
The former Guantanamo detainee transferred from the detention facility to Afghanistan on Dec. 19, 2009, has already returned to the Taliban’s ranks, according to multiple intelligence officials contacted by the Long War Journal. The former detainee was identified in documents produced at Guantanamo as Abdul Hafiz (as well as an alternative name, Abdul Qawi) and given an internment serial number of 1030.[...]

John Brennan, who is President Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser, confirmed in a Feb. 1 letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the recidivism rate for former Gitmo detainees had risen to 20 percent. This figure included both “confirmed” and “suspected” cases documented by the Pentagon in a regularly updated analysis of recidivism.

Brennan argued that all of the recidivists had been transferred or released during the previous administration. “I want to underscore the fact that all of these cases relate to detainees released during the previous Administration and under the prior detainee review process,” Brennan wrote. Brennan cited “significant improvements to the detainee review process” that had been made by the Obama administration.

Brennan added that the Pentagon’s updated recidivism “report indicates no confirmed or suspected recidivists among detainees transferred during this Administration, although we recognize the ongoing risk that detainees could engage in such activity.”

Abdul Hafiz’s recidivism highlights that risk. He was transferred to Afghanistan just a few months ago and has already assumed a leadership position within the Taliban’s ranks once again. By some estimates, it takes an average of one and a half years for Gitmo recidivists to rejoin the fight.

Hafiz returned to the fight in far less time.
[ more]
h/t Keep America Safe

Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas & Mortgage - Damn Straight, It's Begun

The mortgage part anyway
The Obama administration plans to overhaul how it’s tackling the foreclosure crisis, in part by requiring lenders to temporarily slash or eliminate monthly mortgage payments for many borrowers who are unemployed, senior officials said Thursday.

Banks and other lenders would have to reduce the payments to no more than 31 percent of a borrower’s income, which would typically be their unemployment insurance, for up to six months. In some cases, administration officials said, a lender could allow a borrower to make no payments at all.

When the banks go bust.....

h/t Kenny Solomon

Israeli Soldiers Clash With Hamas In Intense Firefight

The brush off Obi One gave Israeli Prime Minister Netanjahu apparently further emboldened the terrorists. Nice going Obi One.

Israeli soldiers clashed with militants Friday inside the Hamas-run Gaza Strip in some of the fiercest fighting there since the January 2009 Gaza war.

Witnesses said Friday's firefight began when an explosion, possibly caused by an anti-armor rocket fired by militants from the nearby Palestinian town of Khan Younis, hit an Israeli army patrol on the central Gazan border, Reuters reported.[...]

The Israeli military provided no information on the clashes. The Hamas military wing's Web site said its gunmen were involved -- a departure from the Islamic militant group's tendency over the past year to avoid confrontation with Israeli forces.
The Israeli soldiers are in my thoughts and prayers.

Egyptian Cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi: A Real Man Beats His Wife

And - I would beat the shite out of the real? man

Facebook Jihad - Our Way

When Facebook ignores the complaints (keep flagging, lower left corner)

Took Taliban's Facebook propaganda machine Voice of Jihad an hour to notice(Click images to enlarge)


Nice videos!!


And more:

Ah shucks, no more infidel jihad:

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Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is a tribute to soliders that were deployed with me to Iraq. All gave some. Some gave all. When you see a veteran thank them for there sacrifice and service.

God Bless you sir & God Bless all our finest and are my heroes. We will never forget what you gave and those who gave all.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jawa Report: We Hearby Establish GIMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take that ehadi


The Global Infidel Media Front!

ALLAH ACKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

h/t person who bearts boobies: Howie

Facebook Jihad: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan "Voice of Jihad"

AKA Official propaganda of the Taliban. It's still up so do our finest and bravest a favor and FLAG (Left corner) They will thank you for it. (click images to enlarge)[Arabic]

They state "Page organizers of the volunteers do not belong to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan". I guess the ehadi believe that will get them off the hook - NOT!

Thanks in advance!

h/t Tony

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good News!! Judge Orders Release of Guantanamo Detainee

No biggy, Mohamedou Ould Slahi is only a significant alQaeda operative


h/t Mean Kitteh

Peoples Cube

Pakistan: ROP Burns Christian Man, Rapes His Wife

Because he refused to convert to Islam

Read it all


Jawa Report Exclusive: The Indonesian Facebook Jihad Targets President Obama (BUMPED)(UPDATE)

Update by Stable Hand: via anonymous Zionist Pimp #5
LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita assalamu'alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatuh... my dear jihadist brothers sisters,i'm going to be gone from fb for period of time. there are some KAFFIR bloggers is trying to get me arrested over the next view days and weeks most likely due to my cyber jihad and the arrested of my big sister FATIMA LAROSE. i got this... message from an american muslim brother,anyone needs me just get me on my yahoo.
Dear ehadi LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita:

It's not nice to mess with the force

facebookobamatarget.jpgNoting the delay of President Obama's trip to Indonesia in order establish his neo-commie heath care disappointed a lot of Indonesian Jihads on Facebook.

They were so hoping to plant an IED (Inshaallah). And it looks like the JI supporters have done their research.


O don't read Indonesian but I'm pretty sure I get the meaning of this comment
Semu Kecil Kena IED mujahidin juga kelar nih.. (insha Allah)
And this one.


Shoot Him.... , Kick Him Out From Indonesia
Pesky right wing Mennonite tea baggers, always shouting Allahu AKbar.... er uh wait a minute....

More peaceful dialogue from the ROP.


Abu Askarillah I Like This... Must Kill Him

OK I can't say as I agree with President Obama on much, but don't be killing my President. It robs me of the pleasure of voting him out of office.

Stablehand: Another Obama in cross hairs:

Stable Hand: Another member of this group, Jihad Jane Facebook friend, Lioness of Jihad blocked me because of a friendly conversation How dare she, I was nice and all with the customary Islamic greeting As-salaam alaykum. Mean person, besides she looks like a woman of the eveningor day or afternoon, whatever turns her on:
LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita my big sis fatima,some where out there. i see your jihad chanel is clossed on tagged. i wanna tell you that i missed you much. i am not going to tell you that i still go on jihad 'coz i know that you keep an eye on me. and you know that i never give up the J. you and me said,J UNTIL the last drop of our blood; big sis ...fatima,may allah keep you save from harm,give you help and grant you his bless.

You'll notice the blank avatar here, that's when she blocked me. I don't like to be blocked:

Oh, she has a jihad tube channel:

Now about the Revolution Muslim link, yes, Joey's old haunt Revolution Muslim, The Indonesian Facebook ejahi are fans of United Muslim Ummah, who post propaganda from terrorist organizations and link their articles to Ansar al Mujahideen and Revolution Muslim. Small world isn't it?

h/t anonymous Zionist pimp #5

The group:!/group.php?gid=196019102291&ref=search&sid=2722024.1008474101..1
Known members/associates of the Indonesian JI cell who are members of revolution muslim facebook group:!/baasyir?v=wall&ref=sgm

Muhammad Yusuf ash-Shari `GOOD DEATH rampant Dulmatin ONE BUT IT FEELS WEIRD AL-Qaeda-trained GENERAL HAS JUST PISTOL revolver and the bullets still in the grip SI DULAMATIN ... THIS CASE APALAGI sticking OBAMA ARRIVAL IN CASE OF DA CENTURY ...
Wed at 4:22 pm!/profile.php?v=wall&id=1239648940

Habib El Murshid assalamu'alaikum .... ikhwan akhwat and the Muslims all .... what would you do if the DEVIL .......... BLACK OBAMA KREBO bener .... so a visit to Indonesia ..........
Wed at 11:08 pm

Dhe Irhaby
Ana will nyiapin bomb. .
Wed at 11:12 pm
on Mar 13

4) User: "LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita"
User connected to Coleen LaRose. Images indicate she's working with or supporting JI.
"About Me:
i totally support global jihad al qaeda and thaliban,muslim has only 1
enemy,1 war,1 ummah.the CRUSSADERS/ DOUBLE STANDARD KUFFAR is invading
muslim lands, killing our ummah, and raping our,what can
you do for protect /set free our lands,faith nor our ummah fromBRUTAL
KUFFAR'S HAND? theres only 1 way out,,,,JIHAD FII SABILILLAH....."

References to LaRose:
(googleish): Big sis FATIMA ... you seemed to lose losing half my soul,
every time I saw blue eyes the tears always flow. every word you say-been
pdku I always ulang2 in kepalaku.keinginan kt for bersama2 up arms in the
world of jihad, so I missed .. pdmu, while you know you are not a. .. org
sing to me, every x kt communication you always kecilmu.semoga brother
called me a clear vision kt
March 12 at 12:37 pm

(googleish): fatima (Colleen LArose) beloved sister on youtube jihad has
been caught in the United States. This brave Mujahidah finance jihad and
mujahideen recruits through the Internet. FATIMA nearly 3 taun yg then
embraced Islam, his debut on youtube jihad, and to myspace ... FATIMA
indicted terroris finance and using ... inteernet to recruit mujahideen,
fatima org mujahideen and their 6 arrested while planning the murder of
Swedish Cartoonists kartoon RASULULLAH.jika enacting all the charges
proved, fatima threatened life sentence and the $ 1M. SIS FATIMA ...
during this epidemic setenngah I menunggu2 khabarmu, the last time you
reach mid-taun 2009, you say miss me, and really loves me because of
Islam. You also wrote always watching me on the cyber jihad. FATIMA sis
... may god take care of the dirty Kaffir-hand. I also miss pdmu .... if
you read my writing ... and I'll follow your trail Hashim .. I miss day2
bersamau in jihad youtube .. do'aku always for you ...
March 10 at 11:46am · View Feedback (31)Hide Feedback (31)

March 10 at 8:57am

(googleish): GOD .... yes dear brother COLLEEN ROSE FATIMA caught in
amerika. protect him from the dirty Kaffir tangan2 yes GOD ...
March 10 at 8:48 pm

LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita big sis FATIMA,.... by convert to
islam,they insults you by convert to islam they make fitna on you for the
sake of islam,you left your home land behind your black burqa,i see a
strong and brave sister in your blue eyes i see a Pairof a LIONESS's eye
big sis FATIMA.... my allah keep you awayfrom harm grant you his bles...s
and may we meet in JIHAD LAND someday like what we always said... that we
will be queens of jihad
See More
January 21 at 10:29pm

LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita lol..sis ish13..i'm gonna take down that
fithy piglipino dog eater tonight. hope you doing good at school.i am
doing good too at martial art. preparing to be mujahidah,insya allah. be
with you and sis fatima in jihad land.
January 19 at 1:08am

Posted on a note about Colleen by one of the Indonesians:
LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita
sis fatima,,,,you're still my BIG SISTER.,YOU ARE BRAVE LIKE ALWAYS.kathy
comes visit my channel along with her filthy christian groups...but i knew
that you got them scare like always. I LOVE YOU,FATIMA LAROSE...

LionessofJihad Mujahidahbonita my big sis fatima,some where out there. i see your jihad chanel is clossed on tagged. i wanna tell you that i missed you much. i am not going to tell you that i still go on jihad 'coz i know that you keep an eye on me. and you know that i never give up the J. you and me said,J UNTIL the last drop of our blood; big sis ...fatima,may allah keep you save from harm,give you help and grant you his bless.