Monday, March 8, 2010

Afghanistan: UK 3 Rifles Soldier Tackles Hand Grenade

Helmand Blog
A soldier of 3 RIFLES [Rifleman James McKie from Recce Platoon, 3rd Battalion The Rifles] has been talking about his decision to pick up a live Taleban hand grenade and throw it back in an attempt to save himself and his comrades.[...]

“My first thought was I hope this doesn’t hurt too much” he said. “That, and I’ve really only got one chance to do this. If it fails, either way, doing nothing, I’m going to get the same amount of hurt. So I picked it up and threw it off the roof”.

The actions of Rifleman McKie helped to save the lives of his Commander and one other soldier who were engaging the enemy in a fire fight, from a compound roof, in the Sangin area of Helmand Province.[...]

“In retrospect, people keep telling me how brave I am, which I’m slightly embarrassed about. I’d like to think that anyone in that situation would have done the same or something similar because you can’t just sit there and let yourself or other people get hurt. I don’t feel particularly brave. I thought: I have to do this to survive. Not just for myself but for the guys around me as well. I’m not expecting anything from them, I don’t want any thanks from them, I just don’t want them to get hurt.
Band of Brothers

Hats off to Rifleman McKie for his bravery! God Bless you sir. Virtually pouring you a brew!

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