Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ehadi JihadTube: What If YouTube Was Hit In The Pocketbook?

Maybe they will listen to complaints about terrorist propaganda by ehadi YouTube users if they lose ad revenue. Certainly companies/sites would not like to promote killing of our military and supporting alQaeda, Taliban, al Shabaab, etc.

From Jer at Quotheraven
Note the user name: TurkishMujahid.
Jer shows 2 ads, Vanguard & Interilus, on this ehadi favorite videos:
ansar al-islam 35 attacks against U.S. forces in, Mortar Attacks on US Bases Iraq 2009, 6 Marine Snipers Killed in Iraq.
Here is a ad [Right of page]on the same users channel: YouTube & Partnered by Pulizer Center made possible by Sony & Intel. Notice the three ads on the bottom of the screen. "Free WSJ registration", the next, damn sickening (his family would be heartbroken )- "Fallen Soldiers Memorial"
Our Fallen Soldier, was founded on August 1,
2006 following the loss of our son, brother and uncle Sgt. Kyle Colnot who was KIA 22 April 2006 outside of Baghdad, Iraq.
and the last one Coffee Fool

YouTube, the ball is in your court.

BTW Turkish Mujahid:

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