Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another American AlQaeda: American (Sharif Mobley) al Qaeda terrorist in Yemen kills guard in hospital shootout

Another one?

From "Sweet Jane" Novak at Jawa Report
It just never ends. A former nice boy from New Jersey,(Sharif Mobley) currently an Qaeda terrorist, is in custody in Yemen. He was a) planning a terror attack b) apprehended and hospitalized last week and c) killed a hospital guard Sunday in an escape attempt. The Yemeni military earlier reported the shooter was a German citizen of Somali origin. Fox reported today that he a has dual Yemeni-American citizenship.
Be sure to read it all at above link.

I hope alQaeda supporting Prez Saleh won't let him get away like he does every terrorist..


John said...

Knew this kid personally in HS. Was a big mouth than always was talking garbarge about all his fellow classmates that were going into the military. "Nice Kid" please he was a muslim extremist in HS most people knew this.

Zionist Spy said...

Thanks John!

That is always has they are portrayed. Getting tired of the MSM doing this.

I would like to hear more about him from you if possible.

Jane said...

Really, wow. No wonder he wound up in Yemen. If there are any more insights, lemme know, thanks,
Jane a/k/a Sweet jane

Third Zionist Whore said...

Well, I am wondering who did his background check? Was it CAIR? We will look forward to hearing from you again John.