Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good News!!! American Sharif Mobley Charged in Yemen For Ties To AlQaeda Previously Worked At A Nuclear Power Plant In New Jersey

2002 Image of Mobley, age 26


Via Breitbart
BUENA, N.J. (AP) - A spokesman for a group of nuclear power plants in New Jersey says a U.S. man charged in Yemen with being a member of al-Qaida had previously worked at the plants.

PSEG Nuclear spokesman Joe Delmar says Sharif Mobley worked as a laborer for several contractors at its three plants on Artificial Island in Lower Alloways Creek from 2002 to 2008 carrying supplies and doing maintenance work

In a previous post on Mobley here I had a commenter "John" who mentioned he knew Mobley:
Knew this kid personally in HS. Was a big mouth than always was talking garbarge about all his fellow classmates that were going into the military. "Nice Kid" please he was a muslim extremist in HS most people knew this
What a person to get ANYWHERE NEAR a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT....My God, what's wrong this picture? BTW, John I would like to learn more about Mobley, contact me or Yemen expert "Sweet" Jane Novak we would appreciate it. We assure you, your identity will be held in the strictest confidence. Thanks in advance!

Mine: or
Jane a/k/a Sweet jane:

Thanks in advance.

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