Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Militia Charged With Plotting To Murder Law Enforcement Officers: Facebook Hutaree Craziness

This gives a new meaning to Romancing the Stone, All in the Family, Sly and the Family Stone, Stone Cold Pilots, Rosetta Stone, etc.

NYT's named those arrested. (Update, more arrests imminent)
Those arrested in the militia case were, top row, from left, David B. Stone Sr., David B. Stone Jr., Jacob Ward, Tina Mae Stone, and, bottom row, from left, Michael D. Meeks, Kristopher T. Sickles, Joshua J. Cough and Thomas W. Piatek.

A search was done on Facebook for these crazy's:

Facebook Hutaree Christian Militia

David B Stone Jr(top row 2nd on left) FB page, looked like a normal kid happy to be getting married, has a baby.

Joshua J Cough FB (bottom row 3rd from left) page

Several pages on Facebook featuring the Hutaree Logo such as this FB page, - Ruekoten Zulif He claims to be the "Hutaree Minister"

Hutaree Logo:

New World Order craziness.

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Shootingsparks said...

Hutaree...the face of American Zionist terrorism. Identical to mossad terrorist tactics used in Iraq...