Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apostate Hiris Ali Gives Her Side At University of Wisconsin

What amazed me the most about this is only six people in the audience knew about the honor killing case in Texas, twins Amina and Sarah Said.

People need to pull there heads of of their you know what as well as MSM.

Via Badger Herald
The highly anticipated and controversial speaker of the University of Wisconsin’s Distinguished Lecture series, Hirsi Ali, is a Muslim woman who fled her home country of Somalia and devoted her life to speaking against Islamic doctrine and what she calls the “sanctioned abuse of women.”

University of Wisconsin Muslim Student Association President Rashid Dar had previously said MSA was not in support of bringing Hirsi Ali to campus because of her openly anti-Islamic agenda.

“If she would have her way, everyone will leave the theater thinking Islam is evil,” Dar said.

About 1,300 UW students, faculty and community members were ushered through metal detectors and past armed police as they entered the Memorial Union Theatre Tuesday night, a process which delayed the event more than an hour[...]

She began her story by telling how she ran from an Islamic traditional arranged marriage, finding refuge in an academic community in Holland where she published papers openly critical of Islam and the Islamic community, specifically regarding the oppressive and abusive treatment of women.

“Because of my work there, my life was threatened and continues to be threatened,” Hirsi Ali said.

In November 2004, the controversial nature of her messages came to a front when the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was working on a film with Hirsi Ali criticizing the treatment of women in Islam, was murdered in the streets of Holland.[More..]
Must read..

First of 4 part video below. Go to link above for rest.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks at Memorial Union from The Badger Herald on Vimeo.

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