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AQIM To Hostages: Say Cheese


Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) has released a video showing hostages they kidnapped in Niger.
DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — A tape released Thursday on a jihadist forum shows the first images of a group of hostages including five French citizens since they were seized two weeks ago in Niger by an al Qaeda offshoot and taken into the desert.

The four-minute tape shows still images of the hostages sitting cross-legged in the sand with a gently sloping dune behind them. French officials believe the seven hostages are now in the bordering West African nation of Mali.

The hostages were grabbed in the middle of the night on Sept. 16 from their guarded villas in the uranium mining town of Arlit in Niger where they were working for French nuclear giant Areva.

The French Foreign Ministry said the tape was encouraging because the images show the hostages alive.
Giving in to terrorists demands=more hostage taking. AQIM make monies this way. Not that I don't have feelings for those who where kidnapped, I do. I pray daily for their safety.

Someone has to hold the trump card, but it shouldn't be AQIM. Just sayin.

Thanks to Mean Kitteh

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France Accuses Spain of Financing Terror Through Ransom
AQIM Claims Abduction Of French In Niger

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Al-Qaeda Show Their Love To A Innocent Child

I'm sure Jawa's "guest" troll will also say "Allah Akbar, this is true Islam"

Oh and "guest" Jawa troll:

Kos okht ile nafadak

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MIA WWII Soldier Remains Identified, Laid To Rest On Saturday

A box holds a photo of Sgt. Edward T. Jones of West Pawlet and his insignia and dogtags at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Middle Granville, N.Y., on Saturday. Jones was killed in World War II, but his remains were not identified until recently.

Albert J. Marro/Rutland Herald

Welcome home Sgt. Edward T. Jones. RIP sir, RIP

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Combat Outpost Spera: "The Last Outpost"

Al Jazeera documentary video via Bill Roggio. The screencap shows part of a conversation between the Afghan Army commander & a Taliban dude. He asked the Taliban dude to come over and the reply was "mujahideen would kill me" . The commander said "Mujahideen? Why would we kill you"? The screen cap is the reply.

Long vid but well worth the watch.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vietnam War Hero: President Presents Posthumous Medal of Honor to Chief Master Sgt. Richard L. Etchberger's Sons

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2010 – President Barack Obama today presented the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry to the family of an Air Force chief master sergeant killed in action 42 years ago in Laos.

“Today, we present the Medal of Honor to an American who displayed such gallantry more than four decades ago: Chief Master Sgt. Richard L. Etchberger,” the president said at a White House ceremony. “This medal reflects the gratitude of an entire nation.”

Etchberger’s brother, Robert, and sons, Cory Etchberger, Richard Etchberger and Steve Wilson, attended the ceremony.

The president detailed Etchberger’s actions as he fought through the night of March 11, 1968, holding off the enemy, calling in air strikes and loading three fellow servicemembers into an evacuation helicopter before he was shot by enemy forces who overran his worksite - a secret radar installation manned by Air Force technicians disguised as civilians.

Lima Site 85, set above the clouds on a steep mountaintop in nominally neutral Laos housed a radio transmitter – later upgraded to a radar installation - dedicated to directing U.S. air-to-ground bombing in North Vietnam from 1966 to 1968. The battle at Lima Site 85 resulted in the largest Air Force ground combat loss of the Vietnam War.

“Of those 19 men on the mountain that night, only seven made it out alive,” Obama said. “Three of them owed their lives to the actions of Dick Etchberger.”

During a “small, private” Pentagon ceremony in the winter of 1968, Etchberger’s wife, Catherine, and sons were presented with an Air Force Cross, Obama said, but public awareness of Etchberger’s actions didn’t occur until the Air Force declassified his mission in 1986.[More..]
God Bless you for your heroism, RIP.

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Pin The tail Logo/Flag On the Ground Zero Mosque/Cordoba House/Park 51

Any one or all three!! Or, let the good Imam Rauf hold one. All photoshop appreciated, thanks.

Muslim Brotherhood:



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Coming Soon......... Part II

Part I here

Jedi Hotties via Comic Art

Thanks to Imflippingtheraya

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Noes, Put Santa's Head Back Now!!!

Shame on me for posting this.........bwahahahahahahaa

Thanks to sumbudy.

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Facebook Jihad: Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan

Asallam o alikum its New For Muslims Brother then plz post videos and pics and link for more information to muslim ommah

Ask & u shall receive!!


Oh,,and Fatwas????

Facebook Jihad: KILL A JEW DAY JihadTube: KILL A JEW DAY (Hamas/Gilad Shalit)

Click to enlarge

Please report this Nazi douchebag's FB event page. Report link on bottom of page under last entry. Thanks in advance.

Also, this terrorist vid below needs to be flagged (h/t Bubbe). Galid Shalit's parents deserve more than silence from YouTube
JPost--Hamas posted a video of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit on Youtube on Monday, suggesting he would be killed if a deal was not soon reached.

In the animated video, two masked men are shown standing on either side of Gilad Schalit in a dark room, with one of them holding an AK-47 assualt rifle.

At the end of the 24-second video, gun shots are heard as the movie goes black and the words "Is the mission completed?" are seen written in Arabic.

Again, thanks in advance.


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Friday, September 17, 2010

Calling All Photoshop Pros: Ar-Raya (Flag of Jihad/Shahadah) Needs Flames

I want to burn the black flag of jihad virtually and need flames and stuff..I suck so am asking all readers for help.

Flame this feckin flag please, this is what we are fighting:

Or, a door mat like this to p*ss on with caption "heh, splodey dope wanna be" or...........use your imagination:

Qu'ran burning, Draw Mohammed Day meet Ar-Raya p*ss/fire on Ar-Raya day..

Update: DMartyr's (Jawa Report)(had 3) entry:

Burn baby, burn

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Re-enactment Honors Inchon Landing’s 60th Anniversary

Wow, just wow, what a sight that must have been...

Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur, depicted by Marine Capt. Michael Borneo, right, marches across the beach amid a flurry of confetti, with fellow Marines depicting his key officers in tow during reenactment ceremonies of the Inchon Landing in the Republic of Korea, Sept. 15, 2010. DoD photo by Donna Miles 

Marine Sgt. Scott Olson and his fellow members of 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, from Twenty-nine Palms, Calif., form up after storming the beach of Wolmi Island in South Korea during ceremonies marking the 60th anniversary of the Inchon Landing, Sept. 15, 2010. DoD photo by Donna Miles

SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 15, 2010 – Inchon, South Korea, took on a movie-set quality today as U.S. Marines and their South Korean and U.N. counterparts re-enacted the massive amphibious landing 60 years ago that ultimately turned the tide in the Korean War.

About 2,500 Korean War veterans, dignitaries and local residents looked on as explosions erupted from the water, “fired” by the USS Dennis, four South Korean and one Australian ship in the waters off Wolmi Island.

Amphibious landing craft buzzed the shoreline, helicopters and fighter jets roared overhead, paratroopers dropped from the sky and 167 U.S. Marines from Twentynine Palms, Calif., scaled the seawall and stormed the beach.

Just as the action appeared to come to a close, Marine Corps Capt. Michael Borneo thrilled the crowd as he marched across the beach amid a flurry of confetti, costumed as Army Gen. Douglas MacArthur, with fellow Marines depicting his key officers in tow.

They demonstrated what Army Gen. Walter L. “Skip” Sharp, commander of United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and U.S. Forces Korea, called “one of the boldest operations conducted in U.S. military history”

“This history-making operation not only helped to turn the tide of the war, but it highlighted the kind of cooperation between our services and between the nations that continue to help keep the Republic of Korea free today,” Sharp told Korean War veterans attending the 60th anniversary commemoration.

Navy Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, praised the “undaunting courage” exhibited during the operation -- one that “had been dismissed as not doable” by many due to extreme tide shifts.

“It’s humbling,” Walsh said. “We are standing in the shadow of giants.”

MacArthur, who had pressed for the surprise attack to take place while the main North Korean fighting force had focused its effort on the southeast, finally overcame those challenging his plan, and “Operation Chromite” was launched Sept. 15, 1950.

U.S. and South Korean Marines, along with their counterparts from Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, launched the landing in three separate locations.

Lead elements of 10th Corps hit “Green Beach” on the north side of Wolmi Island. Its landing force consisted of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, and nine M26 Pershing tanks from the 1st Tank Battalion.

Meanwhile, Combat Team 5, which included 3rd Battalion South Korean Marines, scaled the seawalls along “Red Beach.” After overpowering the North Korean defenses, they opened the causeway that enabled tanks from Green Beach to enter the fight.

To the south, the 1st Marine Regiment arrived at “Blue Beach,” where they encountered little resistance because North Korean forces already had surrendered.

The successes in Inchon ultimately broke the North Korean army’s supply lines and paved the way to the liberation of Seoul in late September 1950.

South Korean Lt. j.g. Junsung Lee called the surprise nature of the attack a key in catching the North Koreans off-guard.

“The Inchon landing operation was crucial for us to take back the initiative,” he said. “It was a key event.”

William Cheek, a Marine corporal assigned to an anti-tank assault unit during the operation, recalled during today’s ceremonies the challenges he and his fellow Marines encountered. After overcoming 30-foot tides in Inchon Harbor, their amphibious landing vessel Amtrak got stalled in the sand, forcing Cheek to dash about 100 yards across the beach, dodging North Korean tank and infantry fire.

Ultimately, they fought their way to Seoul, supported every step of the way by South Korean civilian volunteers.

Standing beneath a giant Ferris wheel on the landing beach that’s blossomed as a popular tourist attraction, Cheek said he felt proud to see South Korea become “a modern economic miracle.”

“I’m glad some of us were able to help make that possible,” he said, “helping drive out the elements trying to enslave a great nation.”

Navy Vice Adm. Scott R. Van Buskirk, who assumed command of the U.S. 7th Fleet in Japan last week, said the Inchon landing provides a classic example of the Navy-Marine “blue-green team” concept. It also underscores the importance of amphibious landing capabilities that remain critical today, he added.

Marine Corps 1st Sgt. Alex Leibfried, led 167 members of 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, who stormed the beach during today’s reenactment, and he said it felt good to get the opportunity to demonstrate those capabilities.

“It’s probably the No. 1 way we come ashore,” the 18-year veteran said. “It’s good seeing that the Marine Corps is finally getting back to its amphibious roots.”
God Bless those who gave all, veterans and current members of our wonderful military. You are my heroes!

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IDF Uses Phosphorus Shells Against....Oh Wait

I meant to say Hamas fired 2 phosphorus mortal shells into Israel
Two phosphorous mortars were fired at southern Israel from Gaza on Wednesday, Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told The Jerusalem Post.

"A police bomb disposal team examined a number of mortars that were fired today. We can confirm that two out of the nine mortars contained phosphorous," Rosenfeld added.

Haim Yalin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council where the phosphorous mortars landed, told the Post, "These weapons have been banned by the Geneva convention. They cause burns among victims and they kill. This is an agricultural area, and we now have to explain to farmers how to deal with burns in light of the new mortars."
IDF responded enough is enough you splodey & soon to be splodey dopes.

Meanwhile, Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh's bodyguard is burning, errr, has been arrested by Egyptian authorities and charged with smuggling gold into the Gaza Strip.

Peace talk stuff besides the uptake of rockets being fired into Israel: Egypt's state-run newspaper has come under fire for altering a photograph to suggest President Hosni Mubarak was leading the Middle East peace talks.
Al-Ahram showed Mr Mubarak walking on a red carpet ahead of US President Barack Obama as well as the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders.
Fauxtography, not just for Reuters, AP..

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Busted By FNC: Venezuela Cancels Round-Trip 'Terror Flight' to Syria and Iran

A Venezuelan airline's “mystery” flight that shuttled among the capitals of three of the world’s most terror-friendly nations — Venezuela, Syria and Iran — has abruptly canceled its regularly scheduled departures amid accusations that it was used primarily to transport spies, terrorists and lethal cargo among the pariah counties.

“I am sorry, but we are no longer flying to Tehran and I do not know when the flights will resume. It was a flight that left Caracas on Tuesdays, but it no longer does,” Jenny Gil Romero, who handles international departures for Conviasa, the national airline that operates the flight, said in a message to FOX News.

Messages to the airline seeking further information went unanswered.

Romero's comments came in response to's efforts to buy tickets on the regularly scheduled, 48-hour round trip from Caracas to Damascus to Tehran, then back again.

Intelligence analysts with both the CIA and Israel said that, despite the listing of the flight as a regular commercial route and a code share with Iran air -- Flight IR744 is also Flight VO3744 -- there was no way that anyone could buy a ticket and travel without being vetted by the Venezuelan or Iranian government.And without passport controls, flight manifests and other documents, it meant some of the world's most dangerous men could travel without fear of being uncovered.

Curiously, unlike most other bookings on the national airline, calls for reservations on this particular flight were routed to a cell phone in Argentina, rather than to Conviasa's regular service in Caracas.
Read it all.

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On the Advice of the FBI, Cartoonist Molly Norris Disappears From View

The religion of pieces is showing their love for her:
You may have noticed that Molly Norris' comic is not in the paper this week. That's because there is no more Molly.

The gifted artist is alive and well, thankfully. But on the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is, as they put it, "going ghost": moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity. She will no longer be publishing cartoons in our paper or in City Arts magazine, where she has been a regular contributor.

She is, in effect, being put into a witness-protection program—except, as she notes, without the government picking up the tab. It's all because of the appalling fatwa issued against her this summer, following her infamous "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" cartoon
Her cartoon wasn't even offensive but ole pedophile mo is off limits.

thanks to the Bartender


BTW, does Anwar alAwlaki know Jesse Norton Younes Abdullah of Revolution Muslim is in hiding and making fun of Mo the bear? His Ken doll is suckling on Mo the bear tits err, underarmhair. And Younes is smiling!!!!!!!!

Double Fatwa?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Muslim Hacker Destroys Website of Florida Group Defending Rifqa Bary

Click to enlarge

Orlando, Fla., Sep 14, 2010 / 06:07 am (CNA).- A hacker has attacked the website of the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), a group assisting the Christian convert Rifqa Bary[...]

In an e-mail to supporters the FFPC said the hacker gained access to its website last Friday and “disabled the entire back-end controls on the site, erased most of the data, disabled the blog and left an obscene message on the events page explaining in broken English who he was and why he was hacking the site.”

“You got hacked due to you s**t thinking abt Great Islam,” the hacker said. “(T)his is due to JHON TAIRY … do good and have good … **** all florida,” the attacker added.

The FFPC reports that its web experts have judged the five-year-old site to be completely unusable and in need of replacement.
Hacker, vKey H@Or, most likely bragging about the hack, especially to CAIR.

Google search for vKey H@xOr shows he/she/it has been busy.

Thanks to the bartender

Update: Looks like this is where he/she/it hangs out

Heroes: Wounded Warriors Tackle Obstacle Course At West Point


Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Joshua Wege and Army Pvt. Harrison Ruzicka race past a cheering Corps of Cadets crowd as they make their way through the indoor obstacle course test at Arvin Gymnasium at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2010. U.S. Army photo by John Pellino

Army Spc. Nicholas Edinger takes on the indoor obstacle course test at Arvin Gymnasium at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2010. Edinger lost his leg in June 2009 when he stepped on a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. U.S. Army photo by Mike Strasser

Army Sgt. Robert Brown races past a cheering Corps of Cadets crowd as he and other wounded warriors make their way through the indoor obstacle course test at Arvin Gymnasium at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2010. Brown was one of six Army soldiers and one Marine from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., who took on the course. U.S. Army photo by John Pellino

Army Sgt. Robert Brown, a Paralympics athlete, takes on the indoor obstacle course test at Arvin Gymnasium at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2010. Brown, who has continued on active duty, earned three medals at the 2010 Warrior Games in June. He lost his right leg to sniper fire while on patrol near Ramadi, Iraq, in 2006, and returned to Iraq in 2009 as part of Operation Proper Exit. U.S. Army photo by Mike Strasser

WEST POINT, N.Y., Sept. 14, 2010 – They run road races and compete in triathlons. They climb mountains, kayak through rapids and ski on snow and water.

They are America’s wounded warriors -- veterans who continue to inspire by their resilience and will to overcome any obstacle placed before them.

Six Army soldiers and one Marine from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., visited the U.S. Military Academy here Sept. 10 to test their abilities on a challenging set of obstacles.

The indoor obstacle course test is a rite of passage for all West Point cadets as a testament to their physical fortitude. Being able to make it through this intense test of balance, strength and stamina is hard enough, given months of practice and training. But for the wounded warriors, with only hours of preparation, the test was an inspirational example of the Warrior Ethos and human perseverance, said Army Col. Gregory L. Daniels, the chief of the academy’s physical education department.

“These outstanding soldiers are a testament to the amazing power of the human spirit,” Daniels said of the wounded warriors. “They make no excuses for their so-called disabilities, and they drive on with an indomitable grit that is truly remarkable. Every single cadet should take notice and emulate their invincible spirit.”

For that reason, Daniels made sure cadets were present for this event. Hayes Gymnasium roared with the encouraging cheers of cadets as the wounded warriors moved through the timed course.

“I wanted the cadets to cheer them on with all their might and to be inspired by what they observed,” Daniels said. “These soldiers demonstrated the Warrior Ethos in a very unique and powerful way. I wanted as many cadets as possible to see first-hand the type of young person they will eventually have the immense responsibility and awesome privilege to lead.”

Cadets lined up to congratulate and speak with the group after the test. Cadet Brittany O’Connell said she left with a lump in her throat from what she’d witnessed.

“It made me realize that even with things as hectic as they are here, your problems may not be as big as you think they are,” she said. “It was truly amazing.”

When Daniels told the cadets to remember this event the next time they complained about something being too hard, Cadet Tom Snukis took it to heart.

“It was definitely inspiring, because you see cadets struggle through this every day,” said Snukis, who will take the course for score in October. “Then to come out here and see soldiers missing arms and legs, and they destroyed the [course]. ‘Inspiring’ is definitely the word.”

As the sole Marine and only double amputee in the group, Lance Cpl. Joshua Wege said he had even more to prove than his colleagues. He was not expecting such a large audience, he said, but it fueled his performance with an added dose of adrenaline.

“The entire bleachers were filled, and just the sound reverberating off the walls was cool,” Wege said. “I’ve never had crowds cheer me before. I was nervous at the starting line, which I don’t get very often, but with everyone watching and the blood pumping, I wanted to do the best I could.”

Army Spc. Matthew Kinsey said the group of wounded warriors is pretty close-knit, and it was evident in the way, as professional soldiers, they supported each other. They’d been practicing for a few weeks on a smaller course at Walter Reed, Kinsey said, but the West Point course was exhausting.

“At half-speed, the individual obstacles are not bad, but when you go through everything at once, that’s a challenge,” Kinsey said.

Along with Wege and Kinsey, Army Sgt. Robert Brown, Army Pvt. Harrison Ruzicka, Army Spc. Joshua Rector, Army Spc. Nicholas Edinger and Army Sgt. Shane Baldwin also participated.
You are my heroes, every last one of you...God Bless & thanks you so much for your service.

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Remembering 911, 9 Years Later

My thoughts and prayers go to family & friends who lost loved ones on that fateful day.

Never forget, never forgive:

The Make History National 911 memorial feel free to click over.

Flight 11

Flight 175:

Flight 77:

Flight 93:

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Anti-Semitic Jihad Tube By User jihano02 Smackdown Time

I posted this in January of this year and the feckin vid is still there. Do me a favor and report this arsehole, it has now spread to other aresholes:

Thank you in advance, there is power in numbers.

AntiSemitism by Jihad Tube User Jihano02?

Where's Revolution Muslims Jesse Norton Younis Abdullah?

Those in the know (kinda-RKS) spotted him at a protest:

Damn, that's some kind of face lift for Younes except for the lots more chubby facial stuff...I realize he is hiding out because of his buds arrest (Zach Chesser), but please, enough with the disguise.

Jawa is on to you Younes, you cannot hide. Just because your radical UK group buds are taking over Revolution Muslim doesn't mean we have forgotten about you.

BTW Younes, think Zach has ratted you out yet?

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where's Jesse Norton Younes Abdullah? (Updated)

Sources say he is on the menu:

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Update: Wrong menu, Joey (aka Yousef al Khattab) Cohen and Younes are enjoying Joey's fugly old lady's black fly power. Joey & Younes go crazy when Qamar al-Khattab removes her burka:

Libya Frees 37 Jihadi From Jail Including Former GITMO Detainee

Because they promised to be nice.

The article doesn't state the name of the former GITMO detainee.

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Attorney: Army Disabled Manning’s Weapon Prior to Leaks

Manning the assmaggot: "it's the army's fault" or something..
A civilian defense attorney hired recently by alleged WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning says the Army was so concerned about his client’s mental health prior to the alleged leaks that supervisors removed the bolt from his military weapon, disabling it.

Attorney David Coombs told CNN, however, that other than sending Manning to a chaplain for counseling, the Army did little to address its concerns about him.

“The unit has in fact documented a history, if you will, from as early as December of 2009 to May of 2010 of behavior that they were concerned about,” Coombs said, adding that Manning’s immediate supervisor “did document prolonged periods of disassociated behavior, quite a bit of nonresponsiveness from Pfc. Manning. And, again, that progressed from the very beginning of the deployment and deteriorated somewhat toward the end.”

The Army declined to comment. “This case does have worldwide visibility and [Manning’s] civilian attorney will do the best he can to defend him and that may bring up other issues other than what is currently known,” said Lt. Col. Robert Owen spokesman for the Army at the U.S. embassy in Iraq. “But the U.S. Army is not going to react to every statement that Manning’s civilian attorney makes.”[More]
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