Friday, July 30, 2010

Revolution Muslim Member Abu Muhammed Al Maqsud Suddenly Finds Kafir Shut Down His YouTube Channel

 What is it with you Revolution Muslim people? Always having your YouTube channels/blogs suspended...maybe Allah has a curse on you? You do realize, don't you, that Allah know best?

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So Abu Muhammed Al Maqsud, gonna tell your buds about it at Revolution Muslim? Like do a post or something? You did have 38 uploads, 276 subscribers, 298 friends.

Oh gee, I forgot, you are busy alerting everyone about the Revolution Muslim Conference tomorrow, or today depending on where you live.

The conference features a convicted terrorist Omar Bakri Mohammed as a speaker as well as the Amir of Revolution Muslim Jesse Morton Younes Abdullah Mohammed and other notables.

Too bad you couldn't do a video or something about the conference, bummer Maqsud....BWAHAHAHA

Thanks to all who helped and the other evil Kafir at YouTube Smackdown

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LatmaTV: Crime and Punishment?

Mad Mullahs: Cigarettes Tainted With Pig Blood/Nuclear Material Smuggled Into Iran In Zionist Plot


Washington Examiner
[...]The semiofficial Mehr news agency quotes Mohammad Reza Madani from the Society for Fighting Smoking as saying contraband Marlboros have been contaminated with pig hemoglobin and unspecified nuclear material.

Madani claims Philip Morris International Inc., which sells Marlboro outside the U.S., is "led by Zionists" and deliberately exports tainted cigarettes. [More...]
Evil Zionists...Bwahahahahaha

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Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki Makes Dua For All Zionists To Be Executed (Updated)

Generic dua death threat? What a twit he/she is

First, Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki tweeted to make dua for execution of Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Next he/she makes dua for execution of StarCMC.

Now that I have entered the picture the wimp has made dua for execution of all Zionists. Coward, won't even name me which means he/she is coming closer to being Jawa's bitch. Bwahahahahaha

BTW Ibn, removed the bottle out of your butt yet, or did you remove it from Abdullah's bottom? Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks to ImFlippingTheRaya

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Update: Ibn pulled the above tweet about deleting replies and his/her's generic dua for execution of all so called Zionist followers of his tweets.

Again, thanks to ImFlippingTheRaya who has been following this ehadi for a long time.

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Hot Tip About Revolution Muslims Younes Abdullah Mohammad From One In The Know (Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki)
Zach Chesser aka Abu Talhah Amrikee Follower? "Make Dua For Pamela Geller To Be Executed"?

BTW, Ibn Ali al-Turki, this is for you:

Islamic Jihadi, you definitely are going to be my/Jawa's bitch bitch

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ATTN Zach Chesser aka Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee's wife Umm Talha

I was fired and am back...well kinda not but hell, had to have header right?

Umm Talha, how does it feel to be a child abuser? Both you and your husband have warped minds using your child in your quest for your crazed ideas to join alShabaab. Thank God your Mother had sense not to give you your passport but that didn't stop you did it? You went ahead and agreed to have your baby used as a pawn for your idiotic husband to use to travel to Somalia.

Think about it, you were sending your baby into a war torn country but you didn't give a damn about it? Why? Never mind, I know, you love death more than you love life. But your baby didn't have a choice, you and Zach used him, I have contempt for both of you. Your child deserves better than this, shame on you.

Also, Zach is weak and stupid, did you realize that? He sang like a canary when found out but he continued on his quest to become a martyr...along with your baby. He would help the FBI if they let him continue on his trip to Somalia. Talk about stupid, what kind of fairy tale world do you live in?

You are an abusive parent as well as Zach. You don't deserve to keep this child, you endangered him for your cause. I don't hear much about you in the news and I hope to hear more. You are not innocent in this case. I know, you and I have conversed on YouTube. I hope to see this child removed from your care, he deserves real parents not a radical Islamist like both you and Zach. You are the filth of filth of parents. I spit on you both.

You can hide your face behind the veil but you can't hide your hate for non-muslims. God help that young baby in your care.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Stoning In Iran and Liberal Hypocites

Jodie Evans's Code Pink along with her partner in intellectual dishonesty Madea Benjamin and her site Global Exchange's little minions should have just finished up a sponsored two week "Citizen Diplomacy" tour in Iran. From looking at their site it is a little unclear to me as to if any "Citizen Diplomats" went on the earlier scheduled tour to Iran in mid June 2010. Oh, but don't worry they have another trip scheduled for September 24, 2010 though October 8, 2010. I wonder if anyone from their two tours will try to smear red paint on Iranian President Mahmoud for presiding over a government that regularly kills dissidents, homosexuals, child offenders, and women that have sexual relations outside of marriage. Good heavens the Basij in Iran are raping and killing women that do not wear proper hijab ! What I am having a bit of a hard time understanding is why
neither of their websites has any coverage about the fate of a woman that is to be stoned to death in Iran, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Devastating as far as I am concerned. These women will tell you they are all about "women and children". No, they are not. They use women and children to further their own aims. Right Madea and Jody? You do not really give a damn as long as you cant use something against the USA,the country that has freedoms not found in the countries you support. If you lived in Iran you would have been hung long ago for "enmity against God". It is nice to cuddle tyrants from a distance is it not? Why don't you ask Neda Agha-Soltan's parents how they feel about this statement of yours, Iran "this much-maligned nation". Yes, indeed, it is much maligned and for good reason. Below is a sample of what is important to Code Pink types:

Petraeus is replacing McChrystal AND THE REAL ISSUE is not who is conducting the war, but the war itself. Demand your Member of Congress stand up and stop buying a war that "isn't going to look like a win, smell like a win or taste like a win." April-June Roseroots Report! What a spring! From April through the Summer Solstice, CODEPINK local groups and the national team have been walking our talk through several campaigns. Here's a summary of the past three wildly busy months!"
I would like to thank the Jawa Report, Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch for highlighting this woman's plight. they report what Code pink and Global Exchange are to hypocritical to even see.

The 13th century poet Saadi wrote:
Human beings are members of a whole,
In creation of one essence and soul.
If one member is afflicted with pain,
Other members uneasy will remain.
If you have no sympathy for human pain,
The name of human you cannot retain.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

At This Rate I Will Not Live Long Enough For That Fatwa!

Color me pink ..... oh wait! That might be construed as a "racist" comment! A recent artistic representation of Nelson Mandela as a corpse while people that are in South Africa's political elite and other elites are looking on is suddenly deemed to be racist. Needless to say I was a bit baffled when I skimmed the story. It was described by the artist as a concept based on Rembrandt's painting "The Lesson Anatomy" the artist maintains that "Mandela is just a man, a great man, but a man. The eventual passing of Mr. Mandela is something that we will have to face, as individuals, as a nation." I would help him out with what it takes in trying to figure out what makes a great politician but I am to busy hunting for a good statesman to elect in 2012 and other statesmen for 2010. Presto! AllaaaahKaZammmmm!! This is not just a tasteless portrayal of a live person who I am assured is a "great man" and he may very well be. It is racist as well! Oy Vay! So says the very corrupt African National Congress.

Needless to say, I do not need to even find a photo of this young artist so I could put an eye-ball on his skin color. He is apparently of Hispanic decent ..... as well as I could deduce from his last name only ..... somehow even with a photo that still would not tell me, based on his skin color alone, if he is a racist or not. Yet, I am supposed to believe that his depiction is just in case he isn't? Enough with the race card when it involves something that someone does not like you are killin me!!!! Sick to death of it!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TSA bans "A Modest Proposal"

I know its a drudge headline, so you've all probably seen the recent memo from TSA about banning, among other things, employees viewing websites containing "controversial opinions."

Leave your controversial opinion in the comments section, so we can get banned by TSA, too! I just hate being left out ;)