Saturday, July 10, 2010

At This Rate I Will Not Live Long Enough For That Fatwa!

Color me pink ..... oh wait! That might be construed as a "racist" comment! A recent artistic representation of Nelson Mandela as a corpse while people that are in South Africa's political elite and other elites are looking on is suddenly deemed to be racist. Needless to say I was a bit baffled when I skimmed the story. It was described by the artist as a concept based on Rembrandt's painting "The Lesson Anatomy" the artist maintains that "Mandela is just a man, a great man, but a man. The eventual passing of Mr. Mandela is something that we will have to face, as individuals, as a nation." I would help him out with what it takes in trying to figure out what makes a great politician but I am to busy hunting for a good statesman to elect in 2012 and other statesmen for 2010. Presto! AllaaaahKaZammmmm!! This is not just a tasteless portrayal of a live person who I am assured is a "great man" and he may very well be. It is racist as well! Oy Vay! So says the very corrupt African National Congress.

Needless to say, I do not need to even find a photo of this young artist so I could put an eye-ball on his skin color. He is apparently of Hispanic decent ..... as well as I could deduce from his last name only ..... somehow even with a photo that still would not tell me, based on his skin color alone, if he is a racist or not. Yet, I am supposed to believe that his depiction is just in case he isn't? Enough with the race card when it involves something that someone does not like you are killin me!!!! Sick to death of it!

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