Friday, September 17, 2010

Calling All Photoshop Pros: Ar-Raya (Flag of Jihad/Shahadah) Needs Flames

I want to burn the black flag of jihad virtually and need flames and stuff..I suck so am asking all readers for help.

Flame this feckin flag please, this is what we are fighting:

Or, a door mat like this to p*ss on with caption "heh, splodey dope wanna be" or...........use your imagination:

Qu'ran burning, Draw Mohammed Day meet Ar-Raya p*ss/fire on Ar-Raya day..

Update: DMartyr's (Jawa Report)(had 3) entry:

Burn baby, burn

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LamanMaya said...

Islam will always b the winner... watch out !!! we will against u by the bless from our God!!!