Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Death Threats On JihadTube? Really? Srzly? No Way

Say it ain't so  Youtube.

Since Gay Shia Muslim crazy Norman Leboon, Sr. was arrested for threatening to kill Eric Cantor, the Virginia Congressman. how  about you, YouTube,  start listening to our complaints

I , and others,   get ehadi death threats all the time for flagging  ehadi vids and what happens? Not a friggin thing unless we get lucky, like today, although that user will be back, unlike Leboon.

Something is terribly wrong with your system, does it takes a Congressman to get you to notice? What about our military, don't they count? What about other YouTube members who flag terrorist propaganda, don't they count? Apparently not and this sux and you suck.

Read Death Stars [StarCMC] excellent post on this subject.

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