Wednesday, August 11, 2010

AQAP: Overthrow Saudi Monarchy/Kill All Christians

Yemen based AlQaeda in the Arabic Pennisula (AQAP) have spoketh

BTW Samir Khan aka Inshallahsheed, former NC ehadi, like your new digs?
Al-Qaeda urged soldiers to help topple the Saudi monarchy and kill Christians and government officials in the kingdom, said someone purporting to be a leader of the group in a recording.

Al-Qaeda ordered supporters in the Saudi army to “collect information on everything related to the Saudi royal family” in an effort to dethrone them, a speaker identified as Saeed al- Shihri said in an Arabic-language recording posted today on a website that often carries al-Qaeda statements. The identity of the speaker could not immediately be verified.

The group has accused the Saudi monarchy of helping the U.S. to wage war against Muslims through its military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. Al-Qaeda in June ordered sympathizers in the military to abduct Saudi princes, ministers and Christian residents.

The U.S. embassy warned its citizens in the kingdom that it has credible information that unidentified extremists may be planning to attack western nationals in al-Qassim province north of Riyadh, according to a Warden Message on its website dated Aug. 4. The timing and method of potential attacks aren’t known, according to the statement.
Watch your six Sammy, watch your six.

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