Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ATTN JihadTube User MujahideenFidayeen

It's not nice to mess with a Jawa, you may end of being Jawa's bitch bitch. (Howie's favorite saying)

Comrade Vinnieovich, Political Office is really gonna be really p**sed now. He made the video and I downloaded from him, my about on the video clearly states this.

This happened with another video yesterday.

Both jihadtubers are coward mujahideen loving pussies. Bwahahahahahahaha

Lover of Taliban Mullah Omar:

I suppose MF (shortened his name, you get my drift) wants to have sex with Comrade Vinnieovich ?

Threw in the second comment for laughs.

Oh, and MF, this is for you:

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