Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramadan Bombathon News

60 killed in bomb attack on Iraqi Army recruits.
BAGHDAD -- A homicide bomber blew himself up Tuesday among hundreds of army recruits who had gathered near a military headquarters in an attack officials said killed 60 and wounded 125, one of the bloodiest bombings in months in the Iraqi capital.
NYT's article: NokiaLeaks:
Four hours after the explosion Iraqi photographers and television cameramen were still sitting forlornly on a sidewalk more than 100 yards from the scene of the blast, unable to carry out their jobs.

However, footage will circulate, not least from the grisly video clips of the suicide bomber’s severed torso. Indeed some of those same Iraqi security forces had captured the images on their Nokia, Motorola and Samsung cellphones, and were transmitting to others.
Poor babies, unable to circulate images of blood and gore from their contacts.

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