Monday, August 9, 2010

911 Hard Hat Pledge

Via Blue Collar Corner
The good people at FOX News invited me to speak on the subject of our “911 Hard Hat Pledge”. Well I certainly was not prepared for the reaction I got which was explosive! Tens of thousands of hits and comments on the Blue Collar Corner site.

The comments that were left were extremely moving. Things like : I am not a blue collar worker but I run a paper plant in Iowa and all of us at the plant support you and all New Yorkers in your pledge. Civil servants from out of state who participated in the clean-up nearly a decade ago were elated to hear that there has been a movement started to appeal directly to the Imam and his group in hopes that it would not come to a Boycott across the country which is exactly where this is going

Some of the most moving comments as always come from the mothers and fathers of firemen and police officers who perished that awful day who live their lives as if 911 was a day away and not almost ten years. To my fellow American Blue Collars and beyond I personally thank you and want to let you know I am incredibly humbled by your generosity and commitment to The 911 Hard Hat

My appeal right now is to Imam Feisal Rauff and Daisy Khan who are the leaders of this project. My fellow New Yorkers: Please do not do this. Move this projected building site and New Yorkers will open up their hearts and give you their full support from both the community and from the construction industry.[More]
Now is time for "bridge building" Feisal Fauff.

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Blue Collar Hard Hat Pledge here

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