Friday, March 28, 2008

UK Releases Terrorists Early Due To Overcrowding

Updated, UK sez were sorry. See end of post.

You just can't make this stuff up. Yassin Nassari will now be free to carry on his jihad. What is UK trying to do, commit suicide?

A radical Muslim cleric jailed for terrorist offenses has been released early under a controversial Government scheme to ease prison overcrowding, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Yassin Nassari, 29, was jailed for three and half years last July for possessing material that would be useful to terrorists.

He was caught trying to smuggle blueprints showing how to build a missile into Britain but was cleared of a more serious charge of possessing articles for terrorist purposes.

A little background on Nassari.
Nassari from Ealing, West London, was stopped at Luton airport in May 2006 after getting off an easyJet flight from Holland with his wife.

Police discovered a mass of jihadi material on a laptop and removable hard drive including blueprints for an Al Qassam 1.5 rocket used by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The files showed detailed measurements and information about the missile components, how to make the propellant and explosive charge and the assembly of the completed rocket.

Also hidden in the files were articles entitled 'Virtues of martyrdom in the path of Allah,’ 'Islamic Ruling on the Permissibility of Self-Sacrifical Operation - Suicide or Martyrdom?’ 'Taking care of the family left behind by the fighter’ and 'Providing for the families of the martyrs.’

Now he is free to continue what he started. At least some aren't happy such as Nick Herbert
The disclosure of his release last night drew fresh criticism of the scheme from the Conservatives, who say it should be scrapped.

Nick Herbert, the shadow justice secretary, said: ''Releasing terrorists early because the Government has failed to provide enough prison places isn’t just incompetent - it’s a "disgrace"

This is more than a "disgrace". Gawd.

For more detailed background on this case see here.

Update: Nassari is the second terrorist released. Abdul Muneem Patel was released from Glen Parva prison on 7 January this year. He was involved in the UK Airline Bomb Plot

The UK is now trying to turn two wrongs into a right. They have stopped releasing terrorist. Terrorist releases prompts u-turn Ya think?

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