Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taliban Screw Themselves

Afghanistan populace is irate after the Taliban demanded cell phone towers be turned off at night. For some it is their only outside contact in case of an emergency.

Now the Taliban realized that after trying to co-ordinate attacks they couldn't communicate with other fighters. Ya think? Bwahahaha

Houston Chronicle

KABUL, Afghanistan
Taliban attacks on telecom towers have prompted cell phone companies to shut down service across southern Afghanistan, angering a quarter million customers who have no other telephones.

Even some Taliban fighters now regret the disruptions and are demanding that service be restored by the companies.

The communication blackout follows a campaign by the Taliban, which said the U.S. and NATO were using the fighters' cell phone signals to track them at night and launch pinpoint attacks.

But the cutoff is proving extremely unpopular among Afghan citizens. Even some Taliban fighters are asking that the towers be switched back on, said Afghanistan's telecommunications minister, A. Sangin.

That dissenting view shows how decisions made by the top-ranking Taliban leadership can have negative consequences for lower-ranking fighters in the field, the minister said.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid hinted in a telephone interview that the group could change its tactics.

"We see that some people are having problems, so we might change the times that the networks are shut down in the coming days," Mujahid said.

Must suck to be the Taliban.

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