Sunday, March 30, 2008

For The Viewing Pleasure Of Our Jihadi Friends.

How you do like this royal ass kicking? You are a bunch of cowards ,stupid, and murderous thugs as well. This will never pay for Matt or all of the other hostages but it is a small start and a taste of our wrath --- believe me we have more for you where this came from. We are not the British and will not coddle or appease you. Enjoy --- I know I am.

Thank you MPJ For allowing me to "lift" this awesome video.

Thank you Vicki. She works tirelessly to help bring our guys home and give us other news about all of the hostages the cowards have kidnapped. On her blog you can find ways to help their families. Not to mention she is a better and kinder person than I am.

Thanks go to the Patriot Guard who always welcome home those that have given their lives for us when they do not even know who we are. The Patriot Guard volunteers will be with Matt and his family. I thank God for them and their care for our Military and the family members of our warriors.


Will Ellis said...

Why don't you read the Qu'ran before you criticize it? Racist.

Tom W. said...

Eh? Criticizing the Kwuh'ran is now racist?

Against who? Kwuh'ranians?

Anyway, most of the people we're cheering in this video are Iraqis. That's means they're not only Muslims, they're also (gasp) AY-RABS!!!

But we love them anyway. How could that be?

Well, because they're killing the evil, pyschopathic, sadistic, murderous, inhuman, criminal Muslims, that's why.

Go Iraqis! Git some! Hoo-ah!

Third Zionist Whore said...

Will Ellis, I see you are an ignorant git with the racist comment. Muslims are not a race. You need to read the Qu'ran. I have read it and it is vile and full of hate, murder, rape and every evil you can imagine.

Every story we print here is true and factual. Catch a clue and learn something about the animals we write about and you fail at defending.

We stand by our stories and positions because the facts and positions we can and do back up with the Qu'ran and the words of Hadith and modern day Imams.