Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canadian Police Hunt For Fraud Religious Healers

Apparently people have been duped into so-called healing and then told through a bizarre ritual with eggs that they had won the lottery. The article caught my eye because of the name of one of the suspects Latafat Ali Khan aka Samir Ali or Shair Ali Khan. Inshallahshaheed aka Samir Khan came to mind. They aren't one in the same person, just thought I would mention it in passing.


Investigators from the Peel Regional Police Fraud Bureau want to alert the public about two male suspects who have been fraudulently representing themselves as religious healers amongst the Indo-Canadian community. Peel Regional Police have issued a Canada Wide Arrest Warrant for Mohammed Umar Ashrafi aka Mohammed Roshan Zameer, 43, of India, and Latafat Ali Khan aka Samir Ali or Shair Ali Khan, 36, of India for one count of Defraud the Public.

It is believed that the suspect used advertisements and radio show appearances to promote anyone with family, health and financial problems to contact him and he would pray to solve their problems. The service was offered free of charge and listeners were provided with phone numbers to contact the suspect, “Brother Roshan”.

Apparently on the victims first visit they were given healing session and told their problems were caused by a curse. They were told to return again in a few days so they could be prayed for again. Upon returning the second time they were told they had won the lottery and hadn't claimed their prize. The rest is so bizarre.
The suspect again prays and asks the victim to return in a few days with a dozen eggs with strict instructions to keep the eggs hidden and not tell anyone.

When the victims return the eggs are given to the suspect and he writes the names of their family members on each. The eggs are placed into a covered pot of water and they are boiled. The eggs are removed and each is broken open. When the suspect gets the egg with the victim’s name it is broken open.

Located inside the egg is a Lotto 649 ticket with their name and a message that they will win the lottery. But, in order for the victim to win the lottery they must provide money for the suspect to buy very expensive “prayer materials” from India.

The victims advise that they are required to bring the eggs to the suspect and the same ceremony takes place. When the eggs are broken on these further visits, they are given the lotto numbers, the date of the lottery win and the date to buy the ticket.

All of the victims were told that they will win the lottery on the December 29th, 2007. On the December 28th, 2007, several victims attended the suspect’s address. The house was vacant and the suspect was gone. At this time the victim’s learned that they had all been promised the same thing and been victimized.

The total amount defrauded was $l.2 million dollars!

Lesson learned, beware of egg peddling false prophets like Obama(thanks Good Lt.) LOL

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