Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jihad In America.

I had hoped to bring you Jihad USA hosted by E.D.Hill but is not ready yet. This is a great series and was started in the 1990s but has gotten very little play. It is very important for Americans to realize we have a problem that no one wants to talk about or even see. I am asking you to start looking and talking. The news does not report the dozens of crimes done in the name of "allah" or the crimes that have been thwarted by law enforcement.

We have to start talking about the fact that we have fellow Americans living here is this country that are actively working toward the death of Americans and America. We high- light two of these people regularly here at the stables. These people that are our neighbors run web sites that encourage the death of Americans and the country we live in. They are evil and harbor murderous thoughts that are transmitted to all that read their blogs. Yes, they are cats paws but the cat behind them is lethal. So, start talking and acting to get these people out of our country in the legal manner that America has been founded upon and is famous through out the free world for. It is called the rule of law. The rule of law is something that organizations like CAIR use against Americans and it is long past time for this to stop and you, everyday Americans can stop this. We have no right to give our future children's birthright away. Speak up America and act!

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