Saturday, February 26, 2011

Genocide Is Genocide and Muslim's Do It Well

Over the last month I have been wondering about some of my compatriots in the anti-jihad world and their inability or refusal (from my point of view that is based upon their writings) to recognize the fact that the word genocide is not reserved for Muslims in Muslim majority countries exclusively. To blog like Muslims are the only people that are being subjected to genocide or persecution and ignore the Christian genocide that is taking place right now as I type this missive is hypocritical and bigoted at best. It is one of the most disappointing things that I have witnessed in the past 6 years. It is also the the exact same thing that I see from those that are always screaming about "freeing Palestine". In the case of "freeing Palestine" I always ask from what and whom? Yes, I too believe the West Bank and Gaza should be freed .... from Hamas and the messy hands of Iran's Hezbollah, other Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the corruption that is so very prevalent in all majority ruled Islamic countries. Corruption at the heart of Islam can not be denied. This same corruption is also found in Muslim majority countries that claim to have a secular government. Yes, I am looking at you Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and to a lesser extent at this time Turkey. The aims of what defines secular government is something that no majority Muslim country has ever been able to sustain. Erdogan's Turkey is one of the most eye-opening and recent examples of this assertion as is Indonesia. Kamal Ataturk must be rolling in his grave. Genocide of Muslims is occurring in Yemen and Libya and it is appalling. What I want to know is where is the sorrow for the Christians in all of the countries that I have mentioned and the ones that I have not? After all, these Christians do not have an Israel to take them in as the Jews did nor do they have any where else to go to. To believe that Muslims want "democracy" and "human rights" for all that reside in these countries is really nothing more than wishful thinking.

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