Sunday, October 23, 2011

Earthquake in Turkey

A 7.2 earthquake hit Turkey on Sunday at approximately 13:41 in Eastern Turkey 10 miles from Van, Turkey with an estimated 7 aftershocks according to the USGS and as many as 70 in other reports. Turkey is no stranger to devastating earthquakes; in 1999 an estimated 17,000-20,000 people lost their lives and in 1979 33,000 people were killed by an earthquake. An unknown amount of lives have been lost in this latest quake. Turkish officials say it could be five hundred to a thousand. From looking at the pictures and video footage from Reuters, Fox, and CNN it looks like a catastrophic loss of life and property. Israel's government has contacted Turkey to offer condolences and has offered to provide any assistance needed to the people of Turkey during this crisis. It is not clear as to if Turkish officials will take Israel up on their offer to help save Turkish lives amny of which are still trapped in the rubble. So far it does not look like they will accept help. What a tragedy for the people of Turkey that we now live in a world where Turkey would rather let their people die than to take a helping hand that is offered to them. This refusal speaks volumes about Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. According to some reports prisoners have escaped from their cells following the quake. Let us hope that it is the military "prisoners" that Mr. Erdogan has had arrested because they supported Ataturk's secular Turkey rather than a Turkey ruled by Shariah Law.

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