Friday, November 21, 2008

Somalia "Pirates" Calling In More "Troops"

ABC News
Somali pirates built up their defences around a captured Saudi Arabian super-tanker after demanding a $US25 million ransom.

As foreign navies sent warships to Somalia's dangerous waters and shipping companies sought alternative routes, extra clan militia and other fighters were brought in to strengthen security at the pirate lair of Harardhere, residents said.

"Some of them are inside the town and others are taking shelter in a nearby village and can be called if need be," local resident Mohamed Awale said.

He said the fighters had come from neighbouring Gulgudud and Mudug regions.
The most interesting tidbit left out of this article comes from AFP - "Shebab fighters also have arrived in Harardhere."

Is there a connection between the "pirates" and the terrorist group al Shabab? Time will certainly tell.

Update - from Huffington Post Al Shabab out to save the day. Leftist's don't have a clue.
Update II - Why al Shabab is saying it will fight the "pirates" You dummies captured a muslim country vessel, we only want bounty from kaffirs.

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