Friday, November 14, 2008

Unrepentant Terrorist William Ayers: Teach-In Protest Held Today at U of Nebraska Against Cancellation of Ayers Lecture

Now that the unrepentant domestic terrorist Ayers is hitting the talk shows students and faculty must feel compelled to protest the cancellation of his "lecture".
The controversy over Bill Ayers continues this week in America's heartland. On Friday, November 14, a teach-in protest is taking place on the Lincoln campus at the University of Nebraska.

Flyers are billing the event as a chance to "make Nebraska history" as students and faculty come "to protest UNL's decision to cancel the November 15 lecture by Prof. William Ayers and that decision's violation of academic freedom."

"Make Nebraska history"? Pleeease. The protesters need to realize why his lecture was cancelled - pocketbook issues for the U of Nebraska.

Other academia happenings:

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia
Students at West Virginia University (WVU) were prohibited from distributing their conservative, student publication at the school library on October 14, despite prior approval from the college president.

The conservative students immediately hired an attorney to represent their interests to the university administration and to protect their constitutional rights.

The Mountaineer Jeffersonian, a new, independent newspaper, was founded with assistance from the Leadership Institute (LI) of Arlington, Virginia. LI helped the group to obtain a donor-supported grant to produce their first issue this fall and provided publications training for the staff.

Chris Walters, advertising manager and owner of The Mountaineer Jeffersonian, said, “I am shocked that at an institution of higher learning, a library would bar distribution of a publication to which a member of the staff was opposed.
Go figure.

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