Thursday, December 18, 2008

Important List Of Links For Veterans

Argghhh has compiled an awesome list of links for Veterans

From their website:
Below are web-sites that provide information on Veterans benefits and how to file/ask for them. Accordingly, there are many sites that explain how to obtain books, military/medical records, information and how to appeal a denied claim with the VA.

Please pass this information on to every Veteran you know.

Nearly 100% of this information is free and available for all veterans, the only catch is: you have to ask for it, because they won’t tell you about a specific benefit unless you ask for it. It's just how the bureaucracy works. You need to know what questions to ask so the right doors open for you - and then be ready to have an advocate who is willing to work with and for you, stay in the process, and press for your rights and your best interests. Those advocates are the VSOs. The websites are below the fold.

And I can’t emphasize enough - leverage the Veteran’s Service Officer resources. A veteran isn’t charged for their services, and they know how to cut through the red tape. They exist for the sole purpose of helping us and our families get through the maze to what we are due, in accordance with our needs.

Use above link for list and pass it on.

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