Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Muxlim Pal Debuts

A trial version of the first virtual world aimed at the Muslim community has been launched.

Called Muxlim Pal, it allows Muslims to look after a cartoon avatar that inhabits the virtual world. Based loosely on other virtual worlds such as The Sims, Muxlim Pal lets members customise the look of their avatar and its private room.

Aimed at Muslims in Western nations, Muxlim Pal's creators hope it will also foster understanding among non-Muslims. "We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on the lifestyle," said Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of Muxlim.com - the parent site of Muxlim Pal.

"This is for anyone who is remotely interested in the Muslim culture and the Muslim lifestyle," he said.
Virtual world for "reverting"?
Muslims believe every child is born with fitrah, including those in non-Muslim communities, and that without external influence, these children would come to worship Allah on their own. As such, every child is born Muslim.
I clicked on their video link and a muslima explained her "reversion" to Islam. She stated she is oppressed by the US and not Islam.

Click above image for "tour" of the site.


Anonymous said...

May Allah's holy rain shine down upon you and correct you of your hatred

Anonymous said...

May God replace the hate with peace!