Friday, January 30, 2009

FNC Red Eye: Gunny (ret.) Nick - "Cigar Smoking Marine" - Popaditch,

Awesome interview with this awesome Marine!

Having problems with video...go here

More on him from Blackfive

Website: Once A Marine

h/t JWF

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Anonymous said...

I love this guy and I tell everyone I can everytime I can. I saw him live at a Borders signing, read his book, bought four more for friends, and now, caught him on Red Eye (I tape it every night).

I can HIGHLY recommned his book. I have blogged about him before whenever I can, and have become a real fan. He is also modest.

1) He won the Silver Star

2) He only has 8 percent vision in his left eye--he can barely see at all (it was blown into his sinuses);

3)He volunteered to go back and fight in 2004, and the book really goes into his personal search for finding the man he once was.

Why isn't Gunny Pop on Hannity, Rush, Hewitt, etc.????? They have the same junk over and over, and here is a proud, articulate American hero. How about something other than Obama??