Saturday, January 3, 2009

IDF Sends Another Hamas Leader To Meet His 72 Virgin Goats/Sturgeons

An Israeli air strike killed Abu Zakaria al-Jamal, a senior commander in Hamas military wing. He died earlier yesterday.

May he enjoy his 72 sturgeons. I know I have said virgin goats, which is true, but the goats serve the martys until the sturgeons are ready. This one appears to be ready and Allah knows best.

Update: Cher-ISRAEL in Jawa comments is hoping for a fatwa. Thought I would help out and post the poem. lulz:
The Virgin Sturgeon..

The virgin sturgeon
Needs no urgin,
Nor indeed the slightest encouragin:
When her thoughts begin convergin'
And her emotions are a surgin;
(Both of them should have a purgin').
Toward the subject of a mergin'
With a frisky gentleman sturgeon.
She won't neen an attending surgeon,
Nor will she have the benifit of a clergyin,
And there will be no note of durge in
All this happy nuptial splurgin;

~Peter Fitzwilliam Sidley ~

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