Friday, February 6, 2009

Father Of USS Cole Victim Refuses To Meet With Obama

Good on him. His family and others awaiting trial of those responsible for this terrible tragedy have literally been screwed. President Saleh of Yemen have released some responsible for this terrible tragedy and now President Obama is going to delay the trial of one who was involved.

Prior US administrations have reacted to this in the same way. There has got to be a time when those responsible for the death of the USS Cole servicemen are finally brought to justice.

Terrorism Politician

Yesterday we were driving back from Houston, Texas from obtaining a passport for my daughter so she could attend the arraignment of al-Nashiri who had helped in the Cole Bombing. We were expecting to leave for Gitmo no later than this Saturday. I knew that Obama would no doubt dismiss the charges against al-nashiri.

Our government has repeatably found excuses so as not to take any action against the Cole bombers and or those who support them. Like the countries of Yemen and the Sudan. So it came as no surprise to me when an Obama's aide called to tell me that we had an invitation to attend a meeting where president Obama would explain his reasons for dismissing the charges against the terrorists. I told him that it was on a short notice and that we would not be attending.

Why attend a meeting when you already know the inevitable outcome. And President Obama has already signed the order to close Gitmo, and a request to stop the trials. Which they did. With only one judge who had the strength, courage and conviction to stand up for the murdered sailors and say that al-nashiri's arraignment would go forward. So anyway I asked the aide if he would please get my letter to Obama instead. He said he would if I faxed it. I had wrote Obama a letter the previous week pleading with him to change his mind. I faxed the letter later that same day. I knew that I would have to tell my wife later on when we got home that our murdered son's trail had become a victim of petty politics. And that she would be upset and hurt yet again.
Thank you Mr Swenchonis for your determination of making our government stand up to the terrorists that killed your son.

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gary swenchonis said...

Thanks for posting our sons picture, and doing the post on the Cole bomber.

Brooklyn Blood said...
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Brooklyn Blood said...

Mr. Swenchonis - Bless your son, you and your family as well as the other brave souls and their families of the USS Cole.

Excelleny blog here.

NYPD (ret.)
WTC Recovery Team Survivor

SuperSekritZH#? said...

Mr Swenchonis, your welcome. Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

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