Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama Snubs Brothers Of 9/11 Victim - Invites Anti-GITMO Aunt To WH

The aunt has complained of torture of the GITMO prisoners. The brothers are, needless to say, pi**edthat she is representing their family.
[...]The brothers of Adam Arias went ballistic when they learned that their aunt, Valerie Lucznikowska, was among the 9/11 relatives invited to last week's White House meeting with Obama. The brothers were not invited.
When reading JWF's link to article this was in comments at site:
realfamilymember wrote:
Was Valerie representing her "own view" when she paraded in front of the U.N. and the White House with a poster of my brother with a caption reading, "Not in His Name?" Who is she to say what can be done in "his name?" Valerie is a carrion feeder and a liar
How nice of Obama adding salt to a wound.

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