Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Eagle Is Crying at The Hands Of You Tube

I have decided to post this video now because You Tube has been banning any member account that portrays Muslims in a less than flattering light and I feel this video will be pawned quiet soon by the You Tube flagging flying muslim monkey brigade. This producer has done much to bring attention to the true nature of Islam and will be banned soon.

The fact that You Tube bans these people is rather curious to me because they have no problem with allowing Muslims, Twoffers, White Supremacists, and assorted other people to post the most anti Semitic videos I have ever seen .... the same goes for hate filled videos about Christians. You Tube has also made a conscious choice to not police the thousand of videos that it allows to be posted by well known terrorist groups.In an interview with Bob Unruh, of World Net Daily on April 8, 2008, a representative of You Tube advised the reporter that it takes these videos down "within minutes" when they are flagged by the You Tube community. This is a blatant lie. I refer you to S.I.T. and to "Quote The Raven" for a detailed list of these videos and the videos posted on these sites are a drop in the bucket. In the United Kingdom You Tube was asked to curb these videos as well to no avail.

It is no secret that Islamic terrorist organizations utilize You Tube, Motion Box, Live Leak, Truveo and so many more video sharing sites to post their videos. They are not picky in their choices of which sites that they use either. Their videos turn up frequently on pornographic sites. I guess putting them on the pornographic sites kills two birds with one stone; they get watch the porn while watching death and destruction a definite bonus for the modern day jihads.

Why should we care? Because this is one of the main ways that Islamic militants recruit potential jihads and pass on information. We should also care because You Tube, a United States company that is owned by Google is unabashedly forcing the Islamization of western countries. This country was founded with the blood of soldiers for democratic principles. Islam hates Democracy in any form and is an enemy of Democracy as proved by so many of the signs they carry during demonstrations and their treatment of women and others of different religions.

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