Monday, May 12, 2008

Yemeni Journalist Facing Death Sentence Abdelkarim al-Khaiwani Thanks All Who Are Trying To Help Him

Jane Novak received the following from al-Khaiwani. He wants very much to let everyone know how much he appreciates all who have signed the petition on his behalf.

If you haven't already please do sign. al-Khaiwani is facing a death sentence for speaking out about Yemeni President Saleh.

Our tax dollars go to this brutal dictator so Americans have even more right to demand that Saleh drop the governments case against Mr. al-Khaiwani.

Thank you very much for this campaign, which comes in the context of the overall values that we believe, and they punish us when we believe those values and adopt them. I do not want to talk about myself, but rather the environment that we live in and suffering we endure from the inconsistency between what the authorities announce about democracy and freedoms, and what happens when we believe in those same things, democracy and freedoms.

They want us to practice our rights as they understand them, but we do it ideally. The regime said that democracy is the way of ruling, but when we try to practice our rights within this concept, criticizing the way that the regime governs and how they act, then they deal with us in a way that has no relation to democracy. They deal with us as outlaws. They use all of the state's resources to attack anyone who has any opinions not corresponding with their opinions, and to attack those who even discuss their way of ruling.

What I am suffering and facing is part of the price I and many others pay for the democracy and freedom we hope to achieve in the future. At least we are preparing for a healthy environment that we want the next generation to live in. We believe that democracy and freedom have an expensive price, and this is a part of that price.

However that doesn't mean we will keep silent and bend, as it is the price. We will refuse injustice peacefully. Solidarity is a way to enhance new civil values which support the democracy we will make with our sacrifice and with the support of others. We pay the price of the freedom for ourselves and for the generations after us. Again, thank you very much for your help and support.

Abdelkarim al-Khaiwani
Sana'a, Yemen

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. al-Khaiwani and the good people of Yemen.

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