Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good News!!!: Federal Official Says Canadian Youths Recruited By As-Shabaab

I wonder how many other countries are involved in as Shabaab recruiting.
A leader in Canada's Somalian community is dismissing reports of young people being recruited by an al-Qaeda-linked militia terrorists to fight in Somalia, despite evidence it is occurring in the United States and elsewhere.

Said Omar, a spokesman for Toronto's Khalid bin Walid mosque, which mainly serves the city's Somalian population, said he hasn't heard about any such recruitment efforts.

We are a peace-loving congregation, law-abiding citizens, who just want to live peacefully with our Canadian neighbours and friends," Omar said.[see below..ed]

However, a senior federal government official with knowledge of Canada's security services has told CBC News that Somali-Canadian young men have indeed joined the al-Shabab militia.[...]

The federal Canadian official — who would not agree to be named because he is not authorized to speak publicly — estimated al-Shabab recruiting may have involved as many as 30 Somali-Canadian youths.

The FBI and Britain's MI5 say similar numbers have left both the U.S. and the United Kingdom.
Very disturbing news indeed, naturally Omar, the spokesman for the Toronto mosque, practices taqiyya (lie for the sake of Islam):
Mosque fights for rights, but slurs Jews and West.

A mosque asking that Canadian workplaces respect a strict Muslim dress code is at the same time disseminating slurs against Jews and Western societies, and warning members against social integration.

The Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque near Kipling Ave. and Rexdale Blvd. serves as the religious authority for eight Somali women complaining to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that UPS Canada Ltd. violated their religious rights at a sorting plant. The mosque, founded in 1990 and serving upwards of 10,000 people, preaches strict adherence to sharia, or Islamic law, and no compromise with the West.

Teachings on the mosque's website,, refer to non-Muslim Westerners as "wicked," "corrupt" and "our clear enemies."

Sometimes Jews are singled out.
Stands to reason why Omar is denying this. Doesn't sound like a peace loving congregation to me.

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