Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Operation Cast Lead, IAF & Sudan

If unnamed American officials are correct, a splodey thing happened on the way to transporting arms to Hamas through Sudan:
As Israeli troops battled Palestinian gunmen during Operation Cast Lead in an attempt to end the threat posed against southern Israel, IAF warplanes were conducting a similar mission far from the border with the Gaza Strip, a CBS report revealed on Wednesday.

According to the report, unidentified American officials told the station that in January, Israeli planes bombed a convoy of trucks carrying arms destined for Hamas through Sudan.

"Israeli intelligence is said to have discovered that weapons were being trucked through Sudan, heading north toward Egypt, whereupon they would cross the Sinai Desert and be smuggled into Hamas-held territory in Gaza," the sources told CBS. "Israeli aircraft carried out the attack".
It's not nice to mess with da Juice, 39 people and 17 trucks are history.

One thing bothers me though, why are we hearing about this now?

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