Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Traitor To Have Restrictions Eased

Oh what joy! We will now get to hear American born, bred and raised traitor John Walker Lindh get "to tell his story" now since the federal prison authorities are all set to ease the restrictions that had been imposed on him in 2002. Needless to say his lawyers are very pleased. Now little Johnnie will not only have the opportunity to tell his story but he will now enjoy the privilege of being able to meet, contact and converse with others that are not his family or his lawyers. His lawyer states that "I think that as time has gone by people have begun to realize, inside the government and to some extent outside the government, that John was just in the wrong place at the wrong time." No Mr. Brosnahan, little Johnnie was exactly where he wanted to be. I will always hold him partly responsible for the death of another Johnny. Johnny Micheal Spann true American hero, patriot, father, husband, and son. Mr. Lindh could have elected to talk to them and warn of the uprising but he did not.

Yes, Mr. Lidh, you did have the opportunity when Dave and Mike spoke with you. You did not.
Dave [to Spann]: The problem is, he’s got to decide if he wants to live or die and die here. We’re just going to leave him, and he’s going to f—cking sit in prison the rest of his f—cking short life. It’s his decision, man. We can only help the guys who want to talk to us. We can only get the Red Cross to help so many guys.

Spann [to Walker]: Do you know the people here you’re working with are terrorists and killed other Muslims? There were several hundred Muslims killed in the bombing in New York City. Is that what the Koran teaches? I don’t think so. Are you going to talk to us?

Walker does not respond

Thank you Mike. I will always remember your sacrifice. You knew in 2001 what this country is forgetting .... "these people want to kill you because you are American". Yes, indeed they do. Not only because we are American but because the people of our great country will not bow its head to Islam now or ever.
Godspeed Mike, Godspeed.

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