Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Never Again" ?

AKC over at jawa posted a story on November 23, 2010 about how the History Channel has started to parrot the Arab narrative concerning the historic homeland of the Jewish people. I was going to post a comment at MPJ to this story but quickly realized when a poster named Gork asked a question that my sentiments about the story ran so deep that it needed a post here at my home.

I think anti-semitism is alive and well in the United States of America just as much as it is in Europe today. They went underground for awhile after WWII but they never died out entirely. Today they are simply repackaging propaganda to sell as "truth" to my generation and the generations behind me. Our generation is the true "media generation" and we are often to lazy to read any book that has not been "sanitized" and approved by a thoroughly corrupted educational system that has been corrupted by Marxist socio-political thought for the past 30 years. Anyone that has ever read any serious books about Greco-Roman history would realize the fallacy of the Arab narrative and the narrative of history as it is being taught in class rooms today. This includes the narratives taught at the collegiate level. My father told me that when he went to high school he was required to read and understand not just Roman history but the geography of the period and the religious beliefs for the time period and how this shaped historical thought and actions.

Islam was not a part of this period of history as it did not exist during the time period in question. Mohammad is only the latest hate monger of the Jewish people and her land. Islam will fail just as every other culture has failed to "wipe out" the Jewish people. Just as The Roman Empire, The Ptolemaic Kingdom, and the Ottoman Empire died so will the Islamic "empires" that muslims aspire to today. Not a single "empire" (or calipahte)that has sought the destruction of the Jewish people or the ancient lands of Judea have survived. They now reside in the dustbins of history. But the Jewish people are the proverbial "canary in the coal mine". When some "empire", society or culture is attempting an ethnic cleansing we all lose a portion of our soul . Up to this point in history the United States has been spared the same fate of these other kingdoms, countries, empires and societies even though we allowed an entire flotilla of Jews to die before we entered WWII out of what I believe was anti-semitism and isolationism. Do we wish to have the fate of these past kingdoms, countries, societies or empires?

What is a more pressing question to ask other than the question that "Gork" posed is did we mean it when we said "never again"? Did we all really mean that after WWII? I say "we" because it was not just Jewish people that said never again after the Shoah. I say we as the spiritual heir of all of my great uncles that never had the opportunity to have a daughter or son. I say it because their names are listed on memorial walls and tombstones littered throughout Europe and on a memorial wall in Manila because their graves were at sea and they had no body to bury in a grave. I ask this question for them as much as I do for myself. If we meant it why do we allow people like the producers of The History Channel that is partially owned by Disney to corrupt what is fact to further their anti-semitic politics?

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