Sunday, November 28, 2010


Another Thanksgiving day holiday has come and gone. As I sat with my family holding hands to pray we decided that we would say out loud what we were most grateful for. I hate to talk in a group so it as hard for me but what I did say was: I am so grateful for my beautiful and loving family and friends at this table and he ones far away. I am grateful for my country that has nourished me all of my life. For the men and women that could not be with us on this day because they are in a foreign land defending not just the rights of us here at home but for the rights of others. I am grateful for my health and all my worldly goods and the people that came before me. For all of that I gave thanks to God and to those that were present to hear all of that they knew what I was saying is I love you so very much and am grateful you are in my life.
What I did not say out loud is I thank God every day of my life for that allowed me to be born in a non-Islamic country where I am worth as much as anyone else and I can not be beaten, raped, stoned or degraded in any other way simply because of my sex, political views or my faith.

I too thanked God( but not out loud) for my wonderful co-blogger, ZH2, the one that carries all of the weight around here, and has stood by me when all others would not and has nurtured me as a friend and a baby blogger. You too are loved.
Happy Thanks Giving to all. May you be blessed in the new year to come and in the rest of the frantically busy holiday season.


christian soldier said...

Thank you for your bold stands for freedom!

christian soldier said...

'swiping' Warrior Song--

Third Zionist Whore said...

You are welcome from me Thisrd Zionist.