Friday, December 3, 2010

YouTube Hall of Shame: One Stop Shopping For Links to Jihadi Websites/Blogs

Case in point: JihadTube user TheIslamicResistance parks his channel & links to several terrorist/terrorist supporters websites/blogs such as "Voice of Jihad", Talibans official website:

Oh, in case anyone doesn't know what happened to Samir Khan's old blog "Ignored Pieces of Knowledge" they link to Ansar. Helpful critter isn't he? Also notice a resident jihadi troll at Jawa "Censored31" is linked as well as Revolution Muslim

Andrea also reminds us Google/YouTube has not kept up their so called part of the bargain [they never had one to begin with] to remove terrorist/supporters from YouTube. When heats on they pretend when heats off it's same ole, same ole
click click click click - grumble grumble grumble grumble
Follow the $$$$$
YouTube Hall of Shame
YouTube Hall of Shame accumulated beginning 11/16/10
Cry Havoc & Let Slip the Dogs of War.....
The above JihadTube user linked to a Scribed entitled ' Jews & Christians Are Kuffar Disbelievers" in case anyone forgets that or something.

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