Monday, December 6, 2010

No To START! Just say NO!!

DARPA has issued it's full findings on the Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle or the HTV-2 something very awesome. This happened a few weeks ago and is in full pdf format for those interested but I do not have enough time or energy to do very many posts here that are of interest to us all. I am not a bit like my teh awesome and intrepid co-blogger who can be found mostly at MPJ! I love this weapons system for so many reasons. Yes, it has a few bugs just as all of our new weapons systems have had in the past like the F117 (known as the Nighthawk and made by Lockheed)had in the past. You can read all about these problems at DARPA or at Global Security.

If the new START treaty stands as it is now, we could not put a nuclear warhead on this weapons platform for surgical strikes. I am not for that at all! In other words we could not use a surgical strike with this or any other weapon in defense of ourselves or our allies. Think about this for awhile. What if Pakistan falls into radical Islamic hands just like Turkey appears to be headed toward today? Not a good position for us to be in. It would seem that our POTUS is quiet happy, even eager, to sign this treaty and he is even pursuing this in secret according to wikileaks documents that have been released! No START treaty should have ever been signed with Russia. Their government is not nor have they ever been our friends. It is just naive to think they are!!! I hate Assange but have found some of his "leaks" to be interesting to say the least and am looking forward to his hateful "leakings" on the former USSR. He will never do it but I am in hopes that this ballless man will man up. After all he is a freedom fighter. Right????!!!! Right?

Yes, DARPA wastes money but I would put DARPA against Congress any day of the year at this point and all D.C.s spending should be srutinized closely but one of the only reasons that our federal government exists and is fully provided for Constitutionally is to protect our shores and us from har. Which means a robust defense!


christian soldier said...

Constitutionally mandated-the defense of the US and her citizens..indeed-bho and his minions would be happy to render the US defenseless...
Thank you for the heads-up on this-
Carol - CS

Third Zionist Whore said...

Yes, they would woudn't they and we can not allow it! 2012 can not come soon enough I just pray and hope we have a viable candidate!