Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet An Anti-Semite. An Old Story. But a Goody!!!

Her name is Sarah Colborne and she remains intent on rewriting history so England and the whole world will hate the Jewish nation of Israel. It is outrageous that this woman is lauded by any British, Canadian, or Scottish person that would agree that Great Britain or Canada would be well within there rights to repel any attack or attempted attack on their homeland by persons that had been warned in advance and that were intent on having a media moment just to defame and provide aid to an enemy of their nation. So why has Israel been reviled by anyone for employing means to protect it's self and the people that reside in Israel with the same kind of force that any other nation would use? Sara seems to be under the impression that she and her friends can try to invade Israel with a flotilla that could very well (and was) have been supplying weapons to Hamas by trying to run a blockade. She is very lucky that she was released from jail. She could have been jailed permanently in lets say Russia for instance. The history of this flotilla has been well documented. Just in case anyone believes her story let me show you what really happened. This proves that she lies just like all of the other "peace activists" do. Here is the Israeli Navy hailing the Mavi Marmara. They were old to "go back to Auschwitz" by the "peace activists" and that they were helping "Arabs".

Nice peace activities there Sarah you are anything but a real peace activists you are very simply a supporter of terrorism. This is what Sarah and her compatriots are all about and who supports and bankrolls them. Lovely organization and propaganda outlets that you were affiliated with .... and still affiliated with. We will be following your progress and thwarting it at every turn.

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