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CA Man Arrested With Explosives Outside Dearborn Islamic Center (Update: Stockham also threatened to kill George W Bush, calls self Muslim convert?)

63yrold Roger Stockham is the perp

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According to Dawud Walid of CAIR-Michigan, the suspect, Roger Stockham, was drinking in a bar when he threatened a Dearborn Mosque. A bar employee notified the police and the Viet Nam vet was arrested outside the Islamic Center of America with a “load of M-80s and other explosives” in the trunk of his car.

(The report states “Class C fireworks.” Class Cs are defined as “other low explosives such as igniters, fuses and ‘common fireworks,’ which are the smaller and less powerful fireworks available for sale to and use by the general public.”)
At a website for a VFW post, Stockham posted a photograph and said he joined the U.S. Army in 1965 and served in Vietnam in 1968. Based in Pleiku, Stockham said he flew with an assault helicopter company[see screencap below regarding wikileaks]. He says he has two children and a grandchild
I was reading comments by 'EF' and looks like this dude is a real nutzo/not a teabaggerrzz. (Heartache for CAIR/MSM)

Apparently, he is a Bradly Manning supporter, wants "Crazyhorse18 [ Wikileaks Collateral Damage] tried in World Court

Threatened a VA Center.

The last link 'EF' linked[bomb threat at Reno, NV airport] is doubtful as the perp used different aliases[True]

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Update: This is getting stranger and stranger...naturally the left is ignoring who this guy is...Via JMF.
A decorated Army veteran accused of plotting to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque served time in federal prison for threatening to kill President George W. Bush and bomb a Vermont veterans' clinic in 2002.
Curiously, Stockham used a Muslim name during some communications.
Before the arrest, Stockham called a local paper twice to say he was going to explode bombs in the neighborhood. In one call, he identified himself as "Hem Ahadin," saying he was "a local Muslim terrorist on a roll."

He ranted against the VA, the FBI and Bush, largely because of the things the president had said about Iraq in a speech earlier in the week.[Read the rest]
Be sure to read it all. Apparently he was rambling on FB using his Muslim name. Call for help by saying he was a Muslim terrorist? or? Crazy

Update IV[put my other updates below fold<----Jawa Report]: EF, who I credited above, sent me this link: IB man in Detroit mosque plot has long criminal past. Gives more detailed background on him:
Photo credit: Sign on San Diego
A new chapter is being written in the bizarre and troubled life of Roger Dale Stockham, the 63-year-old Vietnam helicopter pilot who left his Imperial Beach apartment a few weeks ago and is now facing charges in an alleged plot to blow up the largest mosque in the Detroit area.

News clippings and court documents paint Stockham as a mentally ill war veteran who at one point converted to Islam, changed his last name to Hem Ahadin, and spent time in mental hospitals and prisons in connection with various plots — from planting a bomb at the airport in Reno and setting oil tanks on fire in Lompoc to kidnapping his son and holding a psychiatrist hostage.

Stockham remained jailed on $500,000 bail in Dearborn, Mich., Monday, a week after police said he was found in the parking lot of the Islamic Center of America with a carload of amateur fireworks, including large M-80 firecrackers.[...]

The latest incident adds to a string of arrests that date to 1977, when he took a Los Angeles psychiatrist hostage for four hours before giving up, according to news reports.

In 1979, Stockham kidnapped his 9-year-old son from a Santa Barbara foster home, rented a plane and tried to hijack a larger aircraft before crashing. He told deputies he had a bomb, according to news reports.

His then-wife called radio stations, telling them he was kidnapping his son from a former marriage and wanted to fly to Iran. She said her husband, who had converted to Islam, had a history of mental illness.

He was free on bail awaiting trial when he was arrested for setting fire to several Union Oil Co. storage facilities in Lompoc.

He was convicted of child stealing in his son’s case, but in the arson case he was found legally insane and sent to Patton State Hospital near San Bernardino in 1980. He escaped in 1981 and surrendered four months later. While there, he is accused of sending threats to then-President Jimmy Carter, according to news clippings.

He was released in 1983 after a prosecutor claimed that Stockham “hasn’t done anything crazy lately,” according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.[Read the rest.
Let's hope he finally gets the help he needs before anyone gets harmed, or worse, killed.

Thanks again to EF

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