Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Domodedovo Terrorist Attack: Splodey Dopes & Splodey Ho's Apparently Trained in Pakistan

Via Telegraph[Emphasis mine]:
...Russian security sources said yesterday that a male and female suicide bomber from the Black Widow brigades had carried out the bombing together.
Image credit: Flippintheraya

The attack had been closely supervised by three accomplices, who had watched from a distance and are now being sought by the authorities. [...]

A newspaper close to Russia's FSB security service published what it claimed was a warning to Moscow police issued in December that said there was credible intelligence that a suicide squad made up of three women and one man from Chechnya was headed to Moscow.

The memo said the team had spent time in Pakistan and Iran and that one of the women had a relative with a flat in Moscow that might be used as a bomb making factory. Another group of five Islamist militants trained in Pakistan was also expected to cross into Russia soon, it added.

An al-Qaeda linked website said that the group *Islamic Caucasus Emirate, led by the rebel Doku Umarov, was poised to claim it had staged the attack. It said that Russia's harsh military measures against independence activists in the Caucasus had provoked the attack. It said: "You disbelievers are the firewood of Hell. You will enter it." [More..]
*Keep watching Chechen terrorist supporting website Kavkaz Center for the announcement. The other terror supporting website, ImamTV is down at the moment

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