Friday, July 1, 2011

Greece: US Boat To Gaza Tried To Sneak Away-FAILED! All Boats Banned From Sailing To Gaza [per Report] (Update Greek Commandos!!)

Image from a Saudi Newspaper [h/t Bubbe]:

Challah Hu Akbar[follow for updates]
American activists set sail from Greece on Friday aboard a boat set to take part in a pro-Palestinian flotilla to Gaza, defying calls from Israel to cancel it and a ban by Athens.

The vessel was stopped by the Greek Coast Guard some 25 minutes after its unauthorized departure. It was not immediately clear whether the boat will be taken back to port.

According to Joseph Dana, who is aboard the US ship, the Greeks have circled the ship and look to be preparing to board.
Joseph Dana [Note: from PressTV] (@ibnezra) RT this 14 minutes ago:
Greek foreign ministry spokesman, Dimitris Delavekouras, tells #CNN Greece has banned all boats from sailing to #Gaza @USBOATTOGAZA @ibnezra
Allahu Snackbar bitches!!

UPDATE: Oh Noes!! Greek Comandos!!11eleventy11!!
UPDATE II: The are playing this for all it's worth:
[Update again..ed]USBOATTOGAZA Decision was made to rtrn to shore after a 2nd Greek CG boat w/ more heavily armed forces arrived. Pls keep pressure on Greek Gov
* RT .@ibnezra: Passengers are now chanting to the fully armed Greek commandos just ten meters in front of the boat #flotilla2 11 mins ago
* RT .@LopeztoGaza: #Greece commandos on Coast Guard boat pointing weapons at The Audacity of Hope #flotilla2 26 mins ago
* via .@theIMEU Phone update from .@MedeaBenjamin on @USBOATTOGAZA: #Greek Coast guard captain begging us to return to port. #flotilla2 32 mins ago
* LIVE @USBOATTOGAZA press conf, organizer: "I never knew the Mediterranean was owned by #Israel quot;: #flotilla2 55 mins ago
* We sat sail playing & singing now we're in a standoff w/ Greek Coast Guard. Passengers are in high spirits. #flotilla2
Grab your popcorn, it's the evil Greeks turn now.

UPDATE III: Earlier audio feed from @USBOATTOGAZA


UPDATE IV: JPost: Greece officially bans flotilla ships from departing

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