Friday, July 8, 2011

Israel: Six Expelled at Ben Gurion Airport; 200 Stopped Abroad Plus Welcome To Pallywood (Update: Flytillatards Cause Mayhem at Geneva Airport)

Arutz Sheva
The “fly-in flotilla” planned for Friday has fizzled as foreign authorities ban most anti-Israel activists from boarding flights. Police are still on alert at Ben Gurion International Airport, but so far have encountered only six protesters.

Far-left foreign activists had planned a mass event for Friday in support of the Arab world's demand that millions of descendents of Arabs who fled pre-state Israel be allowed to “return” as citizens. While some activists said they planned to enter Israel quietly and travel to Palestinian Authority-controlled regions to protest, others were planning to riot at the airport to draw attention to their cause[...]

Police warned that the main “fly-in” wave may not yet have hit. “Anything could happen,” said Police Chief Yochanan Danino.
I can haz me some Israeli airport policemen? Plz?

Joseph Dana aka ibnezra tells a different story[the above image was from his post]:
Some 50 ‘Welcome to Palestine’ activists reportedly barred from entering Israel while hundreds others banned from boarding flights; bystanders jeer, assault Israeli activists as police look on[...]

Several dozen people, who had been waiting in the terminal to pick up loved ones, began chanting, “Pieces of shit” and “Go to Syria” as the protesters were taken to waiting police vans. Some of the onlookers spit, kicked and punched the protesters while they were in police custody. Police officers did nothing to prevent these attacks.[hence the image above..ed]
Welcome to Pallywood at Ben Gurion International Airport

UPDATE: More Pallywood, I asked this person if they have link to said videos:
UPDATE II: Via NGO Monitor: "Video of of flytilla anarchists causing mayhem, attacking police officer in Geneva airport"

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